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It has been repeatedly proven that animated video services are much more effective than text or images. Create a quality ICO video to prove to potential investors that investing in your service or product will bring them great benefits. ICO video production will help sell the idea and attract investments in the crypto project. 

A quality ICO video with a professional explanation will be the most compelling argument for many investors who don’t have time to read full white papers or proposals.

ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

What are the ICO Videos?

ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
CO animated video is the jet engine for your project. Its task is to briefly, clearly, and clearly convey the essence of the ICO to a potential investor. Usually, the script for the explainer is based on information from the whitepaper, adjusted for the portrait of the target audience.

While a thoughtful reading of a whitepaper takes up to half an hour, the length of the record usually does not exceed two minutes. Not to mention that computer graphics bring complex diagrams and illustrations from a policy document to life. Clips of ICO projects easily gain up to 50 thousand views, while only a few hundred people manage to read the whitepaper carefully.

ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

Best styles for ICO videos

When creating a token ICO promo video, the main thing is to show partners and investors that your project is alive, developing, and ready to conquer new heights. A clip for ICO projects can be shot in different styles, but we recommend choosing 2D for several reasons

ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Low price, that’s why video production for startups is a great option.
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Clips are quickly created and it is easy to make changes to them.
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
2D images greatly simplify the implementation of technical ideas.
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
2D images have become the standard in technology related to Bitcoin and other blockchain companies.

Why should you use them?

If you have a white paper, it means that your ICO project needs to be promoted effectively. Why choose a whiteboard animation video?

  • It is one of the best advertising and marketing methods on earth.
  • People prefer to watch clips instead of reading boring instructions.
  • Information that is well presented in a record is perceived better than text or images.
  • Using video provides the best opportunity to engage your viewers and direct them to download your whitepaper.

Process of ICO video creation

The creation of an ICO video takes place in several stages


1. Obtaining detailed information from the client about the project, goals, and audience.
2. Specialists find out what kind of video the client wants to receive and in what format.
3. We approve the cost of ICO video production services with the client.
4. Specialists start writing the script according to the wishes of the client.
5. Drawing a storyboard.
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION


6. We record a voice-over (if required).
7. Creating designs.
8. Work on an animation.
9. After receiving the final version, we show the result to the client.
10. In the last step, we make corrections if necessary.

Cost of ICO video creation

First of all, the cost is affected by the format (2d or 3d), the need to write a script and voice-over, and the duration of the clip. The average cost of 2D animation is at least $900 per minute of animation. The cost of 3D animation starts from $2000 per minute. If a voice-over is required, the price is $5 per 100 words, depending on the chosen announcer. The cost of creating a 3D video, as well as the script. and storyboards are discussed individually.

How long does it take to create an ICO video?

The time it takes to create a video depends on the complexity of the project and the length of the clip. If we are talking about a 1-minute clip in 2D, then less than a week. If you need a clip in 3D, the creation period will be around 1 to 3 weeks. The exact timing of the motion video production for marketing will be announced after discussing all the important details with the client.

Benefits of ICO video created by Rocket Motion

Our numerous clients have appreciated the benefits of crypto promo video production provided by our company:

  • We offer a world-class service that rivals studios in the US and Europe, but prices are lower because our team is not located in the US.
  • We create videos in 2D and 3D formats with full consideration of the client’s wishes.
  • For regular customers, we offer the RCP (regular content plan) subscription system, which means the creation of video content on an ongoing basis with a profitable discount.
  • We specialize in professional tutorial video production for startups. You can see this yourself by checking our portfolio.


As the name suggests, ICO videos give your potential investors a broader view of your company by smartly showing the benefits of your project. These marketing tools help your audience quickly understand what you offer and whether it is worth investing in your project. ICO videos come in all shapes and sizes, from quick and funny 30-second animations to two-minute demonstrations of real people, project founders, and investors. A professional ICO record will be a great tool to promote your project. They provide an opportunity to immerse your audience in your presentation, showing that you understand their pain points and that you have something to solve their problem and provide them with real benefits.
An explainer video is usually a short clip used by startups to introduce themselves, describe what they are doing, and let investors know why they should invest their money in your project. This is undoubtedly a faster and more convenient way to influence your target audience and provide them with the right information in an interesting way. Few people will read long, boring instructions but most investors enjoy watching videos. What will your business gain from this? The more informative your ICO explainer video is, the easier it will be for you to connect with your investors and help them make a decision. This is, without a doubt, critical to the success of your startup.
The cost of token promo video production depends on the format (2D or 3D) and duration of the record, the need for writing a script, and the voice-over. The average price of a 2D clip up to 1 minute starts at $900. If the video is shot in 3D, the price starts from $2,000 per minute. If it is necessary to create a clip completely in 3D, as well as write a script and make a storyboard the cost and terms are discussed individually with the client.
ICO videos are a great promotion tool to advertise startups. Explainer videos are great because you can post them anywhere. You can publish ICO explainer videos on your own website, social networks, third-party resources, and any other channels that are of interest to your target audience. Professionals will not only help you create a high-quality record but also select the most effective advertising channels, thanks to which your video will receive the maximum response from potential clients.

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ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
ICO Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

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