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If you are building a new IT company and have been thinking about optimizing or increasing your marketing performance, then you probably planned to use the services of animated video production for startup.

Special video content will convincingly talk about the essence of your project, thereby increasing website conversion and user loyalty.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion

What are the Videos for Startups and Businesses?

Сorporate video production services for a startup is an effective tool for communicating company with the audience. This has been proven by the biggest brands in the world. Therefore, video animation for business is relevant today for almost every organization, especially for startups that want to win the customers' trust.

A startup explainer video is usually a short clip of up to 2 minutes. The record contains information about the goals of the project and how to implement them. The information is presented in a simple and understandable for users way.

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Characteristics of the Ideal Startup Video

Professional product demo videos for startups have the following characteristics:

Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion
The clip duration is no more than two minutes.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion
Information is presented clearly and interestingly, in a language understandable to investors.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion
The clip convinces the investor that the project can be trusted and tells him why.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion
Emphasis on the features and benefits of the offer.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion
Simple conversational tone.

What startups do we work with?

For a startup to be successful, it is important to introduce potential customers to the proposed product and the team entering the market in advance. It is video content that allows you to quickly attract the attention of the audience, achieve maximum involvement, and solve image and technical problems.

Our company provides video production services for agencies and all types of startups, including

  • Mobile applications.
  • Crypto startups.
  • Any other startup whose founders have developed a new solution to some existing problem.
  • Innovative startups based on new useful discoveries.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion

Process of startup video creation

Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion

Animated video production for startups includes several steps:

  • Consultation with the client to obtain detailed information about the client’s offer, the purpose of the content, and its target audience.
  • Creators find out what format of the clip is needed and what goals the client wants to achieve.
  • Startup video production cost is discussed with a client.
  • Preparing the script for the clip.
  • Storyboard work.
  • Voice-over recording (if necessary). For startup clips, we use a confident voice and clear language that will have an impact on your target audience.
  • Creating 2D or 3D animation in a style that clearly matches your startup.
  • Presentation of the final product to the client.
  • Making changes if necessary.
Startup and Business Video Production — Rocket Motion

How long does it take to create a startup video?

The time it takes to prepare animation for business depends on the complexity of the project. If you need to create a clip in 3D format, the time may increase. Our video production process takes from 4-8 weeks. Please consult with our experts to find out how long it will take to create a video for startups.

Cost of startup video creation

The cost of creating a video for a startup depends on the length of the clip and the style. The price increases if it is necessary to use 2D or 3D animation, the services of a speaker. The middle cost will be closer to $2000 – $5000. Contact us for a consultation to find out the terms of cooperation and calculate the cost of animated video company services.

Benefits of startup video created by Rocket Motion

The benefits of working with our animation video agency have been appreciated by our numerous clients:

  • Our level is not inferior to the world studios in the US and Europe. But the prices of our services are much more profitable.
  • Our company employs narrow specialists with expert knowledge in a particular area.
  • We have extensive experience in implementing complex projects.

We provide RCP (Regular Content Plan) service. Our clients can conclude a contract with us to create a certain number of videos per month at a better price than ordering clips one by one. In this case, you do not have to order the video again, each time explaining your requirements. We will provide the best video production for startups exactly on time. You will only have to observe what an amazing effect they have on your audience.


A startup video is a short clip, up to 2 minutes long, that describes in detail the goals and objectives of the project, as well as how to implement them. Rocket Motion experts are sure that each promotional clip should be created according to the needs of a specific startup. Before starting cooperation, it is important to decide what function the content should perform, where exactly it will be used most often, and what budget is acceptable for the customer. Based on this, production technologies, presentation features, length, and other characteristics are determined. With a professional approach, you can ensure that the funds invested in the content will really help in solving marketing problems.

Creating any content for a startup begins with discussing the details with the client. Specialists find out the features of the project and the target audience. We determine what goals the client wants to achieve. After approving the cost, the specialists begin to work. The creators write the script and prepare the storyboard. Voice-over is recorded if necessary. Depending on the wishes of the client, 2D or 3D graphics can be used. When the record is ready, the clip is presented to the client. If there are customer comments, experts make adjustments.

The cost of startup video production depends on various factors. The price is primarily affected by the length of the clip and the need to use complex 3D animation. Turning to professionals, you can create a high-quality video product at a price of no more than 2000-5000 dollars. The main thing is to understand for what purposes the clip is created. Rocket Motion specialists will help you with this. As a result, you will get a high-quality video that will have the desired effect on your target audience.

The benefits of video for startups are primarily related to the ability to establish a dialogue between the user and the commercial. Your potential investor feels that you are talking to him. High-quality record ensures maximum audience coverage, good conversion, and attraction of potential buyers. When creating a professional short record, it is more likely that your investors will watch it to the end and will be interested in your project. This is a guarantee that the user will take the necessary action after watching the clip.

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