Startup video production

You need to grow fast. Video will get you there. We are video production agency that helps

Video can help you scale

You're moving at a fast pace - growing your development team, raising awareness of your product or service, and planning for increased revenue and users of your product.

Creating a video shouldn't scare you, it should give you a boost to get you moving where you need to go.

Video is a great element of any marketing strategy. Video is a way to communicate your company's unique strengths and help turn website visitors into customers. Company testimonials or review videos attract talent to your team. Commercial productions define your niche in the marketplace.

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What startups do you worked with

We have worked with startups from oal over the world. Mycelium swish, Kiwi chat, Wolt, Hysopt, Chartbeat and many others.

How much does a startup video production cost?

It depends on length and style. IT will be closer to $2000 - $5000

How long does the startup video production usually take?

Our video production process takes from 4-8 weeks

As a company that started from scratch, like many startups, we are passionate about big ideas, and we love helping startups understand how to grow with video.


In order to grow, you need a partner who understands the whole customer journey. We’ll take care of you and your customers, from explainer videos that encourage you to try them out to branded content that builds loyalty.

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