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We are the “Rocket Motion” animation video company.

More than just a video production company. In other words, we create animation videos for new products and image videos for business.

Fields of Expertise

Explainer video

Explainer, or explanatory video, is an animated video, 60–120 seconds long, which briefly, succinctly, logically and unobtrusively tells about a product or service.

Video for ICO

Today, in order to attract investors for an ICO project, there are not enough smart words “mining, decentralization, cryptobank, btc”.

You need to quickly and clearly explain to a potential investor what his benefits are, and convincingly prove that you are not a scam. This is why you need a video for your ICO!

Video advertising

Video advertising – a powerful PR tool on the Internet and on TV. A creative video from 10 to 60 seconds breaks through the information noise and acts as a jet engine for business.

Video marketing

Today, text content is no longer sufficient to maintain market leadership. Video marketing is essential for effective promotion.

Our studio provides a comprehensive service – from the development of a video concept to its professional implementation.

Corporate video

Order a corporate video – a video clip for a company with a duration of 3-5 minutes.

The format is ideal for medium and large businesses.

This is a video presentation of the achievements, technical capabilities, and experience of the organization.

3D animation

Order 3D animation for business – advertising according to the standards of the 21st century. The viewer will ask for more!

A 3D animated video will become a marketing locomotive and will increase the value of your offer in the eyes of customers and partners, which means it will increase the average check.

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Here's How

Rocket motion animation video services
You don't need to push the process or get involved in it all the time.

We are used to explaining very complex concepts – so we know what questions to ask and what information to collect from you. It means that you don’t have to constantly explain what you are doing or come up with your own storyboards or scripts.

Rocket motion animation video services
You will receive an animation video suitable for your business.

You want your video to match your brand and your company’s reputation, and that’s what we do. Your video will impress your CEO as well as your target audience.

Rocket motion animation video services
You don't have to figure out a schedule or timeline.

Our field-proven production times and built-in feedback loops keep you informed and your project on track, ensuring smooth development.

Rocket motion animation video services
A team of specialists will work for you.

Our extensive experience and laser focus on creating compelling training videos means high value and low risk to your business. You will not have a “yes men”, but rather a team that challenges you and your company to take it to the next level and achieve your key goals.

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