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To stand out from the competition and showcase their offer, more and more businesses choose to use product video production. This is exactly the area in which most modern companies prefer to invest.

A study by Marketing Sherpa found that users are 64-85% more likely to purchase after watching a product video. If you want to increase sales, it’s time to create a professional clip about your offer.

What is the Product Animated Video?

Product Video Production — Rocket Motion

People look at the same thing in different ways. In this case, how can a potential client see all the advantages and features of your offer? The best way to convey all the subtleties is to create a short and neat product video.

Animated product demo videos talk about the offer and demonstrate the manufacturing or assembly process. The content presents the details and characteristics of the offer. It can answer frequently asked questions, and in some cases, it acts as a video catalog. It creates an opportunity to virtually hold the product in your hands.

The length of this clip is not limited. But the faster, more interesting, and more concisely you provide the user with all the necessary information, the greater the chance that he will watch the record to the end.

Why Should You Use Them?

There are several reasons why you should use an animated product video:

  • Most of the videos on the Internet are entertainment content. But that does not prevent the use of video for informational and commercial purposes.
  • A bright moving image allows you to visually demonstrate an offer, present a service, show the process from the inside, and reveal the content of the product.
  • All significant offers are accompanied by a demo clip. The clip perfectly complements the text description and photo.
  • 3d animated product videos can easily go viral. Users actively share interesting and useful advertisements, which will make your brand even more popular.
  • When you choose the right channels for distribution, you can increase traffic. When traffic to Internet resources increases, sales increase.
Product Video Production — Rocket Motion

Process of Product video creation

The product demo video production process goes through several stages:

  • Consultation with the client, during which experts find out the features of the offer.
  • Then specialists independently or together with the client develop the idea and choose the style and format of the content.
  • After approval of the cost, the experts begin to work.
  • Preparing the script and storyboard.
  • Creation of 2D or 3D animation.
  • Editing process.
  • Demonstration of the ready content to the client.
  • Making final edits if necessary.

Our product video production company employs narrow specialists who are experts in their fields. Therefore, we create high-quality content that fully complies with the wishes of the customer, which is guaranteed to interest a potential audience at the same time.

How Much Does Product Video Creation Cost?

The cost of an animated video production depends on many factors. In the first place, the price is directly affected by the duration of the clip and its complexity. If you need 2d animation production or 3D animation, the cost will increase. The final price is determined individually after consultation with the client. Please contact us at any time to find out the cost of the video.

Benefits of Product Video Created by Rocket Motion

Turning to us for video advertising services, each client will personally appreciate the benefits of cooperation with our agency:

  • Our team has extensive experience in developing projects of varying complexity, which allow our clients to achieve their goals and increase sales.
  • The quality of our content is world-class but the cost is much lower since our team is not located in the US or Europe.
  • We not only offer product videos and motion graphics video production but also advise clients on effective promotion.
  • We provide the service of creating a regular content plan (RCP) on the most favorable terms. We will create for you a certain number of videos within the agreed time frame.


Short clips briefly and interestingly present your product and answer unasked customer questions. In such records, you can tell what functions the product has, for whom the service is intended, and what are the features and differences from similar offers from competitors. These types of product launch video production are very popular because they provide an opportunity to show the “product face”. Reviews are good for those users who do not like to surf the Internet but look for an answer to their specific questions. Therefore, the most important thing in a review is to demonstrate how your product or service solves potential buyer problems.
Whatever you sell, a car, IT system, medicine, or chocolate bar, you can and should talk about it in a video. A professional short record will allow you to quickly show all the key features and answer your client’s main questions. In such cases, you may considerwhat is explainer videosalso. Note that video content gets more than 80% of all internet traffic. Promotional content increases brand awareness. An OptinMonster study showed that 79% of consumers prefer to learn about an offer through a product video than through a text description. Therefore, for the first touch with a potential customer, the clip gives the most coverage.
Product clips are videos from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. If it is difficult to tell all the most important things about your offer briefly and succinctly, then even you do not know the product well. What will be in the clip depends on what your task is. The clip can be filmed on several cameras and edited as an overview video. Maybe it would be better to use 2d or even 3d graphics, add voice acting and subtitles, and translate them into other languages. The main task of the content is to show your product the most beneficially. Depending on the type of offer, experts will choose the most appropriate format and style of the clip.

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Product Video Production — Rocket Motion
Product Video Production — Rocket Motion
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Product Video Production — Rocket Motion
Product Video Production — Rocket Motion
Product Video Production — Rocket Motion

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