Healthcare Video Production

Healthcare video production requires a special approach both to the quality of the picture and to the script. The medical content must be of high quality and convincing, filmed at a professional level. Content that advertises the services of medical institutions, emphasizes care, uses empathy techniques, and also offers solutions to problems that are relevant to the potential audience.

Healthcare Video Production types

Several main types of medical video production are in the greatest demand

Social media content about health problems

Educational series

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)


Education videos for patients

Different types of compliance content

Content for sales and marketing

List of Healthcare Companies We are Working with

We have extensive experience in shooting high-quality videos for a large number of healthcare organizations and medical companies:

  • Hospitals and private clinics
  • Social organizations and health funds
  • Organizations of doctors and other medical professionals
  • Volunteer nonprofit organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical insurance companies

Process of Healthcare Video Creation

Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

The process of health video production depends entirely on the type of content you choose. Generally, clip creation takes place in several stages:

  • Discussion of the project details with the client, during which the medical video producer finds out the features of the client’s company, goals, and objectives that need to be solved with the help of video.
  • Choice of style and format for the future clip.
  • Signing a contract with the client after agreeing on the price of the clip and other important details.
  • Preparation of the script.
  • Storyboard.
  • Coordination of the filming schedule (if clients or employees of the company will participate in the video).
  • Creation of 2D or 3D healthcare animation depending on the selected video format.
  • Presenting the ready video to the client and making edits if necessary.

Cost of Medical Video Creation

The cost of medical explainer videos proportionally depends on the chosen format. The cost of 2D and 3d animation service will differ from the price of content that requires real filming with clients and company employees. Also, the price of video production for education and health industry will be affected by the length of the clip, the need to use licensed music, and other important details. Contact our representative for a consultation to find out the exact price.

Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

How Long Does It Take to Create a Video for the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

The time it takes to create healthcare content depends on the format and complexity of the project. On average, medical production company needs 8-12 weeks. Our experts will be able to tell the exact time after finding out all the important details of the project. Feel free to contact us for a consultation at any convenient time to find out all the necessary details about healthcare animations.

Benefits of Healthcare Video Created by Rocket Motion

Cooperating with experts in the health educational animation industry, you will appreciate all our benefits:

  • We are professionals in the field of 3D animated health videos, which are the most commonly used in the healthcare industry. Our experts have extensive experience in creating animation of any complexity.
  • Our team consists of narrow specialists, each of whom is an expert in his field. Only those specialists who can implement the project at the highest level will work on your video.
  • The quality of our services corresponds to the USA and Europe studios but we offer more affordable prices.


Preparing a medical video is a process that combines creativity and analytics. After all, animated explainer video production creates videos for the audience, taking into account its interests and preferences. They should also be useful to people because they affect their health and life. Therefore, creating a healthcare video is more than just making content about your product or service. Experts will need some time to write the script and create high-quality animation. therefore, in case the time is determined individually. But on average, it takes about 8-12 weeks.

If you watch a few medical clips, you will immediately notice that in healthcare and surgical video production high quality is very important. In such clips, there is a good 2D or 3D animation and a well-thought-out script. Therefore, the cost of healthcare videos can be higher than the price of other content. The price depends on the style and format of the clip. The length and complexity of the video are also important. To find out the exact cost, seek advice from our specialists who will take into account all the details.

There are several different types of medical content. Educational videos that present important and useful information related to health care, disease prevention, etc. are in great demand. Other types include social videos, patient education clips, and explainers. A separate section includes commercial videos for pharmaceutical companies, private clinics, and insurance organizations. Using 3D animation in your videos is a great way to spice things up. Especially if you’re trying to explain a complex medical procedure or want to add a little lightness and humor to a complex topic. Animation and motion graphics can be a great investment as it is a unique way to present a clinic in sales and marketing content.

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Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Healthcare Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

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