Animated Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos solve important business problems.

They provide an opportunity to create a spectacular animated presentation to explain to customers how the product works and why they should choose it. This is one of the best options for startups, which allows you to effectively, clearly, and interestingly present your offer to the public.

Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

What are the explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are short records where you can present complex ideas in simple language that your audience can understand. Their duration does not exceed 2 minutes, so customers are happy to watch them without fear of wasting their time.

An animated explanation video is one of the most powerful resources for advertising campaigns today. It presents your company’s products or services in such a way that it seems to your clients that this is the best solution for them, which will fix all their problems.

Characteristics of the ideal explainer video

We list the main characteristics of an explainer marketing video

Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Duration is less than two minutes
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Information presented clearly and interestingly
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Accent on the benefits of the offer, not on the features
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
The story is told in a language understandable to the client
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Simple conversational tone.
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Calls the client to action

Why should you use them?

Short motion graphics explainer videos contain all the necessary information about the new offer and clearly answer questions about how this or that product will help the client and how to use it.

The creation of professional explainer videos is a service that is suitable for companies wishing to conduct an effective advertising campaign. Also, it will be the best choice for those who just want to make a useful clip for existing customers to post on mailing lists and the official website.

Types of explainer videos

There are several popular types that our 3d animation video production company can provide to clients:

Introductions and brief overviews

Introductions and brief overviews for customers who are not familiar with your offer.


Description of the process to interest the client.


Tutorials in the form of interesting step-by-step instructions.

Professional selling videos

Professional selling videos to support the brand.


Presentations that create a vivid image of goods or services.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos support the company’s image in the eyes of employees and customers.

Process of explainer video creation

What is video production, you may want to know? Explainer video production services include several stages

Gathering information

1. Obtaining detailed information about the client's business, the goals of the video, and its target audience.
2. Discussion with the client about the appropriate format, design, and style of the clip.
3. The cost approval with the customer. We start work only after the full agreement on every small detail.
4. The explainer video creator writes an interesting video script.
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION


5. Explainer video makers prepare the storyboard.
6. Voice-over recording (if required). For commercials, we use a pleasant voice and clear speech, conducive to trust.
7. Designers start drawing animated pictures, the style of which is fully consistent with the advertised product.
8. Animated video producers prepare graphics and animation.
9. Obtaining the final product and making some changes if necessary.

Success measurement

The success of your video depends on more than just the number of views. Even if you have created a unique video, this does not mean that it will bring success to your business. 

Video success is measured by audience engagement and conversions. Do your customers watch the entire video? Most importantly, what is your potential client’s reaction to the video? Do they perform the necessary actions after watching it? For example, you need to calculate how many people bought your product. As with any market research, we recommend having goals and a way to track the result before you contact the explainer video production company.

Cost of explainer video creation

The cost depends on a few factors:

  • 2d or 3d
  • Does the client need a voice-over
  • Video duration
  • Does the client have his own scenario

On average, the cost of explainer video services for 2D animation starts from $900 per minute. If there is 3D animation, then $2000 per minute. If the clip is completely in 3D, the cost is discussed individually.

Voice-overs start at $5 per 100 words. The final cost depends on the speaker. The cost of the script and storyboard is also discussed individually.

How long does it take to create an explainer video?

Creating videos is a complex process that takes place in several stages. When preparing a clip at each stage, experts pay attention to all important details. The time depends on the length of the video. A 2D record of up to 1 minute usually takes less than a week. If you need a video in 3D, the time may increase by 3 weeks. The final time is calculated individually and depends on the features of the project and the additional wishes of the client.

Benefits of explainer video created by Rocket Motion

The advantages of our animated explainer video company have been appreciated by our numerous customers:

  • Our level is not inferior to world studios but the prices are lower since the team is not located in the US and Europe.
  • Also, for regular customers, a subscription system is provided, according to which we create media content on an ongoing basis at a significant discount compared to ordering videos separately.
  • The company employs narrow specialists for short video clips and explainers for startups.

There are many successful projects in our portfolio. We are good at creating permanent media content for those clients who often need video marketing services to present a product on social networks or their resources. We call this system RCP (regular content plan). This means that for a certain amount per month, we provide a specified number of professional content.


Explainer videos are a great way to briefly introduce a topic or concept. This can be a brief overview of your product, service, or company. Either way, it’s an easy entry point for people who don’t know anything about your brand. This is why video tutorials are especially popular for startups. It is a great way to explain a process or idea in an easy-to-understand way. No one wants to read manuals or search for information. Videos can include simple demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, or other tutorials. They can also support your brand, becoming an excellent starting point for conversation. People would rather watch a clip than flip through a folder that makes them feel like a bored student.
An animated video production can be of great benefit to your business if you have a product or service that could be presented using additional illustrations and explanations. Clips usually last 1-2 minutes, explaining the main idea in simple and understandable language. The video should have an interesting scenario in which the client’s pain is described and a solution to the problem is offered. Videos can be shot in 2D or 3D. Depending on your brand, it can be an original cartoon that a potential client will watch from beginning to end with pleasure and interest.

Here are a few key benefits of commercial video production. First, it is easier for the client to remember visual material than textual or verbal information. While watching the clip, the client feels a more personal connection, as if it was being addressed personally. Especially good audience response is received by recordings in which there are faces. The video quickly gives all the useful information. Many customers don’t want to waste their time reading long manuals or watching lengthy videos. But for a short clip, which presents all the necessary information about a product or service in a compact form, everyone will have time.

Explainer videos are suitable for any company that wants to introduce its customers to a new product or service. They work as a good promotional tool for startups. Also, such clips can be used to maintain a corporate culture, showing it not only to customers but also to employees. People enjoy watching videos as they are short and include all the necessary information about the product or service in a simple and understandable way. In order for the clip to bring success to your business, it is important to turn to a professional animation video production agency that will shoot high-quality content and select suitable channels for its publication.

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Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION
Explainer Video Production - ROCKET MOTION

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