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Communicating with your audience through educational videos is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise. Video production for marketing does not directly affect sales but it adds value to the brand and attracts the audience’s attention. Especially when it comes to informational video production that is of real benefit to viewers and helps solve problems. Creating educational content for users is well suited for hosting companies or any other services where each client needs to study the product for a certain number of hours.

  • For colleges and universities
  • For startups
  • For software development companies
  • For education professionals
  • Training and tutorial videos

What are Educational Videos?

Educational videos are video content that can teach your audience something. They usually last at least 2 minutes (or more). Video production for education highlights the specific pain points of your audience. After watching, clients receive valuable information that helps them understand the solution to their problems.

Animated explainer video production company services allow each business to become an authority in its niche, turning its brand into a reliable resource that customers trust. Improved brand awareness and company rankings are just a few of the benefits.

"We've been impressed with the team's willingness to adapt and their flexibility! A symbiosis of thoughtful variability and a commitment to the tradition of excellence."

Valentine - Head of the e-learning studio

Characteristics of the Ideal Educational Video?

Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

Let’s list the main features of educational video production:

  • These are helpful and informative clips.
  • Attracting on-screen talent or characters.
  • Clear message to the audience.
  • Easy-to-understand learning principles.
  • Duration is usually 1-2 minutes.

Often educational video production advertisement looks very laconic, as it is not necessary to shoot the presenter on camera. It can be just a screen capture with simple animation.

Why Should You Use Them?

There are at least four reasons to use teaching video production services:

  • Customers enjoy watching useful clips that contain answers to their questions.
  • Branded splash screen, background, corporate badge, and branded clothes of presenters – all this fixes the brand’s image in people’s memory.
  • When viewers solve problems with the help of instructional video production, they form a positive attitude toward the brand.
  • Users become loyal subscribers that are waiting for the release of new content. They do not just watch clips but are ready to share them on social networks, put likes, and recommend the brand to others.
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

Process of educational video creation

Creating a professional educational video takes place in several stages:

  • Getting detailed information from the client about the brand, goals, audience, as well as the video that he wants to receive.
  • The approval of the cost.
  • Usually, the production of educational media doesn’t require scripting or storyboarding, as most clients come with their own scripts ready.
  • Creating a video starts with voice recording.
  • After recording the voice, educational video producers take the screen for sound recording.
  • If necessary, the animation is added to the screen.
  • After finishing training videos production, we show the result to the client.
  • In the last step, we make corrections according to the client’s wishes.
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

Success measurement

Several metrics are used to measure the success of educational video content. The easiest way to evaluate the quality of a video is through engagement numbers. These include the number of views, likes, shares, and traffic sent to your website or blog. Ultimately, your goal is to provide really useful content that inspires trust. This is exactly what you are guaranteed to achieve by contacting professionals from an e-learning production company.

Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

What kind of videos you make?

Whatever the structure of your “lessons”, we will do what is optimal in your case. We create animated educational series, screencasts, instructional videos, real-time videos, instructional videos, and more.

Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

Cost of educational video creation

It depends on the production method you choose. Most educational videos cost between $1,000 and $3,000. To save money in the long run, you can reuse parts of already published videos and create a cohesive sequence of content, which will reduce the cost of each individual video.

Interested? Contact us to learn more!

Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

How long does it take to create an educational video?

Our video projects take about 1-6 weeks, depending on style, length, and complexity. To make sure we turn in your assignment on time, please detail your script as much as possible! This way, we can focus only on the design.

Benefits of educational video created by Rocket Motion

Who has the greatest influence in our lives? Teachers and educators. That’s why we like to collaborate with educational institutions to create instructional videos that not only teach a specific topic but also do it in a meaningful way.

We are highly specialized. Our main focus is specifically on instructional and educational videos, both for internal corporate use and for external use by potential new clients.

We are committed to long-term cooperation with our clients. Therefore, we offer the most favorable terms. Just tell us in detail about your wishes. 

Our specialists will create a certain number of videos per month according to the RCP (regular content plan). You will personally see that the quality of our content is not inferior to studios in the US and Europe, but the prices are much lower.


When creating educational content, put yourself in the shoes of the audience and think about how you would like to see them, what questions you would like to receive answers to, and in what form. Remember that educational videos have no place for direct sales and advertising. They are needed to attract an audience and strengthen connection with it. Usually, a script is provided by the client. The storyboard is usually not required. After recording the voice, the screen is prepared, as well as animation, if necessary. If there are adjustments from the client, creators make them at the last stage.

Content in general is needed not only to sell a product. It also helps to entertain the audience, communicate with clients, and earn a good reputation. All this we can say about corporate educational videos. The key requirement for training videos is usefulness. They are created to cover the information needs of the audience and to help them solve their problems. The better and more useful your educational content is, the easier it will be for you to gain your customers’ trust.

Educational video production is the creation of short and high-quality training videos that contain answers to the main questions of customers. Educational content will show that you understand your topic, and not just sell. Customers will come not only for a good price. They will be sure that you will help them choose the most suitable and high-quality product or service. Professionals from Rocket Motion create videos on topics that are interesting and useful to the audience. This will make your clients feel like you care. You can ask subscribers what topic to make the next video. This will show that you care about their opinion.

The standard length of an educational clip is usually 2 minutes. Everything depends on the topic. For example, health video production can be a bit longer if a topic needs to be explained in detail. The viewing time drops after 4-6 minutes, and the screencast – after 8 minutes. Thus, the duration of the training video should not exceed 6-8 minutes. Otherwise, there is a risk that not all of your customers will watch the record. Rocket Motion agency specialists will help you choose the optimal length for your video. This will allow you to cover all the necessary details and be sure that your customers will watch it to the end.

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Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION
Educational video production - ROCKET MOTION

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