Educational video production

If you have a complex product, we will help your customers learn to use it. Educational video production is what you need

  • For colleges and universities
  • For startups
  • For software development companies
  • For education professionals
  • Training and tutorial videos

Why work with Rocket Motion?

Who has the greatest influence in our lives? Teachers and educators. That’s why we like to collaborate with educational institutions to create instructional videos that not only teach a specific topic, but also do it in a meaningful way.

We are highly specialized. Our main focus is specifically on instructional and educational videos, both for internal corporate use and for external use by potential new clients.

"We've been impressed with the team's willingness to adapt and their flexibility! A symbiosis of thoughtful variability and a commitment to the tradition of excellence."

Valentin Sergeev - Head of the e-learning studio

What kind of videos you make?

Whatever the structure of your “lessons”, we will do what is optimal in your case. We create animated educational series, screencasts, instructional videos, real-time videos, instructional videos, and more.

How much?

It depends on the production method you choose. Most educational videos cost between $1,000 and $3,000. To save money in the long run, you can reuse parts of already published videos and create a cohesive sequence of content, which will reduce the cost of each individual video.
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How long does it take?

Our video projects take about 1-6 weeks, depending on style, length, and complexity. To make sure we turn in your assignment on time, please detail your script as much as possible! This way, we can focus only on the design.

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