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Corporate video production for business is an effective marketing tool that solves certain tasks such as a company presentation, a video for hiring employees, content for investors, training films for staff, a documentary about a company, etc.

 Corporate videos are suitable for medium and large companies, brands, as well as any business that launches new products and wants to gain the trust of the audience.

What are the Corporate Videos?

Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION

Corporate video promo is all types of content that are required for the corporate market. The film provides organization employees with an excellent marketing tool for interacting with various segments of the target audience: potential customers, end users, partners, and investors, as well as their own employees, and competitors. This is an effective opportunity to present information about the history of the company, its achievements, and plans for the future, as well as tell about products in a short manner. Corporate video production not only helps to draw attention to the company but also enhances its image.

Why Should You Use Them?

With the rise in popularity of video production for corporate, more CEOs are starting to see video as a necessity for realizing their marketing plans. A recent Forbes study found that 75% of executives watch corporate videos on business websites at least once a week. Even if your company operates in the B2B industry, this does not mean that you should only use white papers and webinars to reach your target audience. Using corporate promotional video production services you can solve a wide range of tasks by providing information that will be of real interest to your target audience.

Video production for marketing provides the best opportunities for business, including

  • enhancing the company’s image;
  • work on brand awareness;
  • demonstrating a product or business solution to attract investments;
  • warming up the audience; 
  • strengthening brand confidence and the corporate spirit;
  • the motivation of employees;
  • attracting new employees.
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION

Types of Corporate Videos

Now it’s time to talk about the types of content. The corporate video production company specialists will create for you any type of professional corporate clip, including


Testimonials. Such clips are often used to build consumer confidence and highlight a business’s personality. 

Animated corporate video

Animated corporate video production for business. It is a great tool for your company to explain complex ideas and services in a simple and understandable way.

Live-action business film

Live-action business film. Such type of content is for companies that have a tangible product that they want to present to their audience.

Communications video

Communications video production. This is content created for employees or contractors to quickly bring everyone to the same page.

Recruiting film

Recruiting film. These clips are created to give potential employees an idea of what your company does.

Video series

Video series. The clip series provides a unique opportunity to help your audience better understand complex topics in your industry and encourage them to interact with your company.

Brand anthem clip

Brand anthem clip. More and more companies are making brand anthems part of their production strategy.

Stock & Motion graphics

Stock & Motion graphics clip. These are business videos that combine motion graphics with footage through layering, vignetting, and masking to make them look individual and original.


Conference. To grab the viewers’ attention, in corporate event video production we try to keep the text short and use bright colors.

Why work with Rocket Motion?

With the rise of corporate video production and viewing, more CEOs are beginning to see video as a necessity in their marketing plan and day-to-day operations. A recent Forbes study found that 75% of CEOs watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

So, if you’re in the B2B industry, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the old methods — white papers and webinars — to engage your target audience. It takes a lot to create these videos, and they can take many different forms, so here’s a little more about how we create them.

Step-by-step process

Pre-production preparation:

Developing a budget, brainstorming a concept, and finally writing a script. If voice-over narration is required, it is often recorded before production begins.


Once the style is determined, a storyboard is created to plan scene-by-scene action. The process is then determined by the style.

We started out with one small project which when has turned into a series of 15 videos. The reason we keep coming back for more projects is because the Rocket Motion team is a very good organization to work with. They work like professionals. There's clear control over the process.

Binur M - Business development specialist
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION

How long does it take to create a video?

The average time to create a film is 2-6 weeks. Deadlines may vary depending on the type of video chosen, whether the client has a script, and the complexity of the effects used. The creators will tell you the exact timing of producing corporate videos after clarifying the details.

Cost of Corporate Video Creation

The cost of the film creation depends on the type of content that the client has chosen, its length, as well as the need to use 2D and 3D graphics and other complex tools. For example, healthcare video production requires the involvement of experts. Given a large number of video types and the need to fulfill the individual goals of the company in each clip, corporate video production cost may vary. Please contact us for a consultation to find out the details.

Benefits of corporate video created by Rocket Motion

Our corporate video production agency provides high-quality services for any kind of business. Becoming our client, you will personally see the benefits of cooperation with professionals:

  • Each member of our team is a narrow-profile specialist who is an expert in your niche.
  • We provide quality content that matches the level of US and European studios but the cost of our corporate video production services is much lower.
  • We offer the service of creating a regular content plan (RCP). This means that we will agree on a certain number of videos that our specialists will provide regularly within a strictly agreed time frame. At the same time, the cost of each video will be significantly lower than the price of creating clips separately.


A corporate video is a short film with which you can tell in detail about the advantages of your company, its structure, and principles of production. A clip combines such formats as an image film and a presentation. These formats are used to cover events such as opening a new branch, entering a new market, participating in forums, and other events. An excursion into the company’s history, interviews with managers, infographics, a video report, and a review can be used here. Product demo videos for startups contain information about the company’s mission, corporate culture, and social responsibility.

Such a nonprofit video production has not only an informative and intercorporate function but also contributes to the formation of relationships outside of the company. To get the greatest effect, it is important to take into account the specifics of the target audience. Inside the company, these are employees and staff, as well as the company’s shareholders. Outside of it are customers, potential consumers of the company’s products and services, government agencies, officials, business partners, and investors.

It is very difficult to count the cost of the film without prior consultation with the client. The price depends on the creative concept, the number of shooting days, the equipment that will be involved in this project, and the options for implementing graphics (2D, 3D). Also, the duration of the video and the availability of a script from the client directly affect the cost.

A film helps to create an attractive image of the company in the eyes of customers, partners, investors, and employees. Therefore, such a film is created on the basis of information that can be trusted. The clips include interviews with the company founders, demonstrations of the product, reviews, and testimonials. Films often contain the history of the company’s development, as well as describe the mission, goals, and ways to achieve them in simple and understandable language.

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Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION
Corporate video production - ROCKET MOTION

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