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Video is the most effective marketing tool today. It is used by almost everyone from large corporations and factories to small shops and studios. The goal of any business is sales. Brand video production will help achieve this but in other ways, unlike advertising. Such videos attract new customers, form a positive image, and promote brand awareness.

What is the Branded Video Content?

Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion

Branded video is content up to 60 seconds long that sets an emotional tone, touches on important thoughts, and prompts the target audience to think. These are not just beautiful pictures or catchy melodies. The video contains all of this makes customers more loyal to the brand, which means it solves marketing problems.

Unlike standard advertisements, branded videos are not intended to sell products or services. Very often they say nothing about the brand at all. Instead, branded video content helps bring your business closer to your audience by emotionally connecting viewers and amplifying your brand’s voice.

Characteristics of the Ideal Branded Video

An ideal branded video that will have an impact on the target audience should meet several important criteria:

Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
The duration of the clip is no more than 60 seconds
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
No-self promotion allowed
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Sweet and interesting story
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
A unique point of view and a special tone of voice

Why should you use them?

Branded content video production, which is used to entertain and educate the target audience, serves important purposes:

  • Capturing the attention of potential and new customers on social media or YouTube.
  • Establishing a connection with the main client base through an unobtrusive reminder of yourself.
  • Raise awareness of new and regular customers.

The best option is to shoot several videos that will be a part of a PR campaign or for constant interaction with social networks. You can order these videos as a series, united by a single idea.

Process of Branded Video Creation

Let’s talk in more detail about what is video production and the process of creating a brand video for the company. The process includes several steps

Gathering information

1. The first stage is a consultation with the client, during which the specialists find out what kind of content is needed and what goals should be achieved.
2. The second stage is the choice of the style and format of the future clip
3. After finding out the main details, specialists can announce the price of the video marketing services and discuss it with the client.
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion


5. Preparing the script and storyboard
6. Creation of 2D and 3D animation if necessary
7. Showing the finished video to the client
8. Making final adjustments

Success measurement

Branded content is not direct advertising, so its success is not measured by sales. These videos are not designed to increase conversions. Surely you have shared videos on social networks or YouTube. To evaluate the result of the work done, it is enough to check the number of views. Popular videos can get millions of views in a short time. Positive user comments will make sure that you have chosen the right branded video production company and achieved your goal with the help of your video.

How Much Branded Video Creation Cost?

The cost of creating branded content depends on various factors, including the length and complexity of the video. If it is necessary to use animation and attract a speaker, the price increases. The exact price can be determined precisely after individual consultation. Contact our 3d animation video production company at any convenient time to find out the cost of a video for your company and get answers to all your questions.

How Long Does It Take to Create Branded Video Content?

The time it takes for branded content video production company to create content depends on its complexity and other individual characteristics. On average, our specialists create high-quality brand videos in 1-2 weeks. If you need a complex 2D and 3D animation, the time may increase slightly. How many days it will take to create a video, the specialist will be able to say after a personal consultation, which you can apply for at any convenient time.

Benefits of Branded Video Created by Rocket Motion

Turning to our brand marketing video production company for services, you will appreciate all the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • Our team has extensive experience in creating branded videos of any complexity.
  • We offer high-quality content that is not inferior to the quality of companies from the US and Europe but at the same time, the cost of our services remains as affordable as possible.
  • We not only create high-quality videos but also advise on their promotion strategy.
  • We offer the services of creating a regular content plan, according to which we provide a certain number of videos within a strictly specified time frame at a favorable price.


Branded videos are special content up to 60 seconds long that will help you promote your company. The main idea of branded clips is that the brand comes to the client not with a product but with human history and real emotions, as well as with the desire to solve his problems and tasks. Such content builds communication with the audience and provides a positive reputation and brand recognition. It is not quick money that is important here but a long-term and high-quality result. Branded videos are often shown during presentations and exhibitions on large screens.
Video is an important element of content marketing. Branded commercials do not directly talk about the benefits of the product. Its mention is neatly inscribed in useful and interesting content for the user. These clips work for the reputation of the brand and are mainly aimed at viewers who already know it. This is useful and interesting content for the viewer, which should not be advertising and intrusive. The duration of a clip is not limited but is usually within 60 seconds. The longer the clip, the more interesting it should be for the user to watch it to the end.
Branded videos are a relatively new content format that expands the tools of classic advertising and solves image business problems. In a branded clip, the brand itself fades into the background. The focus is on people, on eternal values ​​that are revealed through storytelling. Unlike advertising, people’s consciousness does not block such a video. It is interesting and exciting, they want to share it with friends. So the presence of the brand in animation video productiondoes not bother but rather complements the story. These records appeal to emotions through engaging imagery and rich, rich visuals.
Over the past few years, the number of people who use ad-blocking software on the Internet has grown by 30%. The usual ad is less and less likely to be shown to the viewer. Even if the content breaks through the protective armor, the viewer will watch it with strong immunity to advertising. Why put a lot of effort into distracting a potential audience from interesting content, if you can create such content yourself? Viewers themselves are looking for original short branded videos produced by leading companies. They are ready to perceive information and share it with friends. This is many times more effective than classic YouTube advertising, although it requires a lot of money for commercial video production and marketing strategy.

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Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion
Branded Marketing Video Production — Rocket Motion

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