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Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Video marketing is a complex of PR communications based on video content in order to turn the target audience into real and potential buyers, including both video production technology and a strategy for its further promotion. This is one of the trend video marketing services to attract customers today. But in the process, marketers and business owners make mistakes, due to which budgets are melting, and the result is not what they expected. We offer you to learn the biggest video marketing mistakes that should be avoided.

1. Overemphasis on Sales

You can sell with video. Sales content includes videos about the company, FAQs, reviews, promo videos, etc. But you cannot build your marketing strategy only on sales. If you actively advertise the brand and product in each clip, then this will not cause anything but a desire to find another, more educational content. Remember that there is a time for everything. Each stage of the sales funnel has its formats and techniques using which you can present information about the company and products.

2. Irregular Posting

Regularity is critical to successful marketing. The viewer should know that in the evening he will open the website and see entertaining content from you, or on Friday he will watch the next review of new technology for the week.

How often to post videos is another matter. On social networks, it is better to post them every day. For YouTube, videos are usually longer, so 1-3 times a week is enough to keep the viewer’s interest.

It is better not to violate the established frequency of posting videos. If for some time you will not be able to publish them, inform subscribers about this and indicate the date of the next release.

3. Analytics is not Configured

Built-in YouTube Analytics reports allow you to analyze the behavior and actions of users on the channel, the composition of the audience, and traffic sources. For a deeper analysis, you need to connect to Google Analytics. Add a YouTube channel to Analytics, get a tracking ID, and paste it into the appropriate field in the YouTube channel settings. You will now have more data to analyze. You can also connect other analytics systems such as SeeZisLab, VidIQ Vision, etc.

4. KPIs are not Set

One of the top video marketing mistakes is to measure the effectiveness of video marketing only by the number of subscribers and views. In fact, the list of KPIs is much broader.

When evaluating the effectiveness, you should check the number of views and subscribers, the number of views per 1 visitor, the engagement rate (ER), the growth rate of views, subscribers, likes, comments, the percentage of video views, the ratio of likes to dislikes, comments to the number of videos, etc.

5. Publish Videos in Only One %lace

You should not be limited to one YouTube. Videos are supported by all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. It is not necessary to publish content on all social networks at once (there may simply not be enough resources for this), but you can cover one or two.

6. The Video is too Long

For each site and subject, videos of a certain length are suitable. For example, videos of the following maximum duration are the most engaged: 

  • Instagram – 30 seconds 
  • Twitter – 45 seconds
  • Facebook – 60 seconds
  • YouTube – 120 seconds.

But these are generalized data, and for each situation can be different tips. Obviously, short videos are more suitable for social networks. Longer clips are relevant for YouTube, especially when you consider that the factor of viewing time is important for high rankings.

7. Boring Titles and Thumbnails

Video titles and thumbnails are the first things a viewer sees. These are the most important elements that should not be neglected. It is on their basis that a person decides whether to watch videos or not.

Work on creating intriguing titles and eye-catching video thumbnails. Use a bright frame from the clip. Combined with a good title, this will increase your video’s click-through rate and YouTube rankings.

8. Poor Sound and Picture Quality

The level of technology development allows you to shoot quite decent videos even with minimal investment. If your camera is hopelessly outdated, replace it. Also, be sure to use a microphone. Good sound is even more important than picture quality. Instead of buying expensive devices and creating your advertising department, you can always turn to professionals to ensure that you achieve results.

9. No call to action

When creating videos, be sure to include a call to action (CTAs). And it’s not so much about sales but about engagement. Encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel, share a video, like, comment on your clip, watch another video, etc.

10. There are no Faces 

The phenomenon of YouTube’s popularity is based on the fact that every person who has a camera can become a cameraman, director, and presenter all rolled into one. Viewers love original videos. They are personalized and emotional and resonate in the hearts of the audience. Therefore, use the maximum “face” in the video. Tell about your business, conduct interviews with experts, educate viewers, and share your experience. Do not hide behind the lens!

11. Using Only Your Qwn Platforms for Promotion

Creating videos using professional animation video services is one side of video marketing. Another component is promotion. Often promotion ends with video optimization for key queries and reposting in your groups on social networks. This is not to say that these methods do not work. But it will take time before you form a meaningful subscriber base. The process can be accelerated by placing ads on special platforms, popular YouTube bloggers’ pages, and social networks.

12. Video is not Associated with a Brand

In the center of the narration are the hero and his story. At the climax, the product that you advertise appears. And in this series of scenes, sometimes there is no place for the brand itself. One of the mistakes you’re making in video marketing is when the viewer remembers only the product but not the company.

It is not necessary to mention the name of the company several times. The association can be carried out subtly and unobtrusively, using corporate colors and corporate identity in the commercial.

13. The Video is not Optimized

No one will know how good your video is unless they click on it. And to convince the customer to click, the clip needs to be optimized. You should start with classic SEO techniques, which include a well-written description, keywords, meta tags, and cross-links. Do not forget about the visual side of the issue. An eye-catching video thumbnail and a stylish channel design will also help draw attention to the video.

14. Too much complex information

It is tempting to bombard your target audience with all the facts about your company’s history and the uniqueness of your product. Do not do such video marketing mistakes. 

Make your content shorter to keep your target audience from getting confused by information overload by focusing on the key message you want to convey. If the information you want to share is valuable, but there is a lot of it, create a few short videos.

15. Lack of Integration

Talking about one of the most common video marketing mistakes to avoid, we should mention the situation when you don’t align video with your marketing strategy. For content to be successful, you need to start integrating it into your overall content plan. Moreover, experts advise planning your actions at least six months in advance.


Video marketing is a sure way to get the trust of your audience and boost your business. Most importantly, avoid the 15 common video marketing mistakes listed above, and you will get the desired result. The number of views and conversions will increase and engagement will improve.

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