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How to Create Mobile-friendly Videos?

Recently, many people prefer to use smartphones and tablets. According to statistics, a person watches an average of about 19 hours of video per week on his gadgets. Therefore, the creation of high-quality videos for mobile devices plays a key role in business. Mobile-friendly video is a clip designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Why Do You Need to Optimize Videos for Mobile Devices?

If it seems to you that video optimization does not play an important role, you are very much mistaken. The perception of any format of video content, whether it is a background video on the main page or commercials on a product page in an online store, depends primarily on the playback speed. Users need to get as much information as possible in a short time.

No matter how well the footage is shot, without proper optimization, it will be of little use. The clip must be optimized to avoid the following problems:

  • If the video takes a long time to load, freezes, or is interrupted by buffering, most visitors will not wait for the full load and leave the website.
  • Unoptimized videos are more likely to display incorrectly on mobile devices. Therefore, no matter how high-quality and interesting it is, hardly anyone will watch it.
  • Vertical and square videos look much better on a mobile phone screen. Do not expect the viewer to turn the phone horizontally. Few people do it for the sake of advertising. Think about this in advance when you decide to create mobile-friendly video.

Tips to Make Mobile-friendly Videos

When you think about how to make video mobile friendly, at first glance, it seems that is not difficult. In fact, most smartphones and tablets have different characteristics. Therefore, when creating content for mobile, you will have to take into account many important technical details so that your clip is displayed correctly on all devices. Expert advice will help you to make video mobile friendly.

Your Videos Should Be Responsive

When posting a video to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you can be sure of responsiveness. But if you’re hosting videos on your own website, you need to test if they’re optimized for mobile. Be sure to check the ability to adjust your video to the screen size. Watch your clip on different devices to make sure it displays correctly.

Consider the Preview

When creating and optimizing videos for mobile, too many companies forget about the thumbnail they choose to view the video. Mobile devices have a small screen. In addition, users quickly scroll through pages. Try to choose a simple and catchy image for your thumbnail. If it is not clear what is on the thumbnail, there is a big risk that the user will not be interested and will pass by.

Create Short Videos

You may need video production services for agencies for different purposes. Clips can be entertaining, promotional, motivating, and educational. If you need to keep the attention of the maximum number of viewers to the end and motivate them to take targeted action, make them short. Such content finds a greater response from the audience and is more often watched to the end. So, almost 60% of viewers will watch a video lasting up to 1 minute to the end, while less than 10% will watch a 10-minute video.

Center the Important Pieces

When considering how to make Youtube videos mobile-friendly, take into account that most users hold mobile phones in their hands. When viewing a clip in landscape mode, your finger or hand may cover part of the screen. Therefore, it is important to place all key points and captions right in the center, where your audience has an unobstructed view.

Don’t Forget About Non-audio Users

Many users mute or make it as quiet as possible when watching something, so make sure they can understand your video message even with the sound off. Here, plates with texts explaining the essence of what is happening in the frame will come to the rescue.

Use Large Legible Fonts

Use in-frame text that is short, bright, and clear, engaging from the very first frame and demonstrating the benefits of your product. Don’t forget the subtitles. It is better to make the text large enough so that it is easy to read even on a small screen. You should also accurately synchronize the subtitles according to the frames.

Create an Effective CTA

Don’t forget the call to action. It sounds trite but you should include a CTA in your video to let viewers know what you expect them to do (e.g. “Call us”, “Download today”, or “Play now”). This applies not only to the slogan in the final intro but also to the inscriptions on the plates if you add them to the clip.

Provide Appropriate Targeting

When posting videos on social networks such as Facebook, you can use built-in targeting tools. Choose settings based on the user’s location or bandwidth. The platform even allows you to set the clip to show only at certain times of the day. For example, many people use mobile during the day, so they are more likely to watch videos on the tablet in the evening. In such cases, it is better to target the evening for tablets.

Final Thoughts

People consume content 41% faster when they watch videos on social media from mobile devices rather than from computers. They quickly scroll through the feed, and the advertiser has little time to arouse interest and be remembered. Use our simple mobile video optimization tips to guarantee that your ad budget is well spent.


What is a mobile-friendly video?

A mobile-friendly video is a clip created specifically for viewing on mobile devices. Such content is developed taking into account all the technical features of various gadgets. Therefore, mobile-friendly videos are displayed correctly on any device, regardless of the system characteristics and screen sizes.

How do I optimize video ads for mobile viewing?

There are many free and paid video optimization apps for creating mobile-friendly videos. Also, you can always ask for help from experts who will professionally solve all technical issues.

Why do you need to optimize videos for mobile viewing?

In social media video production, it’s important to optimize videos so that clips display correctly regardless of the device the user is viewing them on. If the video is not optimized, you may encounter problems such as long loading, buffering, and incorrect displaying.

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