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What is the Future of Animation?

Until recently, it was believed that animation was intended only for children’s cartoons. But the situation changes very fast. Animation and motion graphics have become powerful marketing tools. They form a new way of presenting products and services and are applied in all areas of business. This technique no doubt has a great future. And now we will talk about the future of the animation industry.

A combination of 2D and 3D

2D was supposed to give way to 3D. However, now static 2D serves as the backdrop in cartoons or is used for secondary elements, while the main figures are created using realistic and vibrant 3D. This helps to reduce the cost of production. So the technology will develop and this is the future of 2d animation.

Animators’ Interest in Music

The impetus for this interest was probably the phenomenal success of Baby Shark. The clip has over 10 billion views on YouTube. Based on the song, they created a series and a book and now a full-length film is in the works. 

If earlier music content was an accompanying element of the video, now it is one of the main elements in product marketing. Therefore, animators are increasingly turning to composers to create unique music.

Simplifying Animation

The growing demand for animated content makes animators try new animation technology. Some studios have taken the path of simplifying the visual. They combine real-world images and animation. Authors no longer need to completely create environments for characters. They take them to the real world. In 2023, this technique will become even more popular because it can be used to reduce costs and accelerate the pace of production.

Retro Animation in the Style of the 1980s

Nostalgia for the 1980s has made its way into the future of animation as well. In many clips and YouTube videos, you can find stylized pictures and effects. It is enough, for example, to watch the intro of the series “Stranger things”. Sources of inspiration are video games of that time, as well as screensavers for films and TV shows. We expect a new wave of interest in retro styles in 2023.

Animated Logos

In the fight for people’s attention, big brands are trying to add small animated elements where they used to be limited to static images, for example, in logos. The pioneers a few years ago were Google, as well as Shazam, and Spotify. Now, this trend is descending into small and medium-sized businesses. It is quite possible that in 2023 many companies will acquire animated logos.

Loading Animation

According to Digital Synopsis, 47% of users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. After 4 seconds, the average user starts getting frustrated, and after 8 seconds, he leaves. A one-second delay can result in a loss of users and conversions. 

However, there is a secret that can make them stay even after 8 seconds. Don’t want users to get bored while your site is loading? You can use the loading animation as it is worth spending time on. It can be so exciting that users may want your site to take even longer to load.

Hover Effects

Hover animation is a classic. This is the most used type of website animation and continues to gain momentum today. Why is it so popular? Probably because of the ease of implementation and the immersive user experience it creates. Such a method allows you to achieve good results with minimal effort. 

Masterfully used, it creates such a magnetic effect that it’s hard to stop hovering over objects over and over again. It turns user interaction into a game. But it’s also important to understand the power of balance and not overuse this effect.

Adult Content

Traditionally, animation for adults has been laconic and rather sketchy. The main thing in it was the plot and often humor. However, with the advent of such series as “Love. Death. Robots”, and the appearance of large studios (for example, Netflix) on the territory of adult animation, the visual level of the series has seriously increased, the detailing and the set of special effects have become more complicated. Looking forward to the future of 3d animation and innovation trends.


By now, animation has proven its growing popularity. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular marketing trends. From animated logos, fluid motion, and kinetic typography to loading animations, hover effects, and more, there are many incredible uses for advertising and web design. 

When choosing animation to create commercial, informational, or educational videos, you definitely can’t go wrong. A well-created animated video is sure to evoke an emotional response from the audience and allow you to achieve your goals.


Does animation have a future?

Animation has long proved that it has a great future. Today, various styles are actively used in commercials, educational, training, and explainer video services, feature-length cartoons, and films. Animation is in demand due to its unlimited possibilities and favorable cost of creation, so it will certainly develop even more actively in the future.

Will animators be in demand in the future?

2D and 3D animation is in great demand. New experimental animation styles are emerging. Many companies prefer animated videos to real footage. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the animator is the profession of the future that will be in great demand.

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