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How to Create a Successful Business Video Series?

If your company has a story to tell, one video is not enough. The average duration of a clip, depending on its format, does not exceed 1 minute. It is difficult to talk about the benefits of all products and services in such a short time. This problem is solved by business video series. These are clips that allow you to tell everything about your business. Videos are shot in a similar style and combined with one advertising appeal.

Benefits of Business Video Series

The number of clips in business video series is unlimited and depends on the concept of your company. The advantages of the animated video series for business are as follows:

  • Diversity. If you are planning an aggressive marketing campaign and are going to run ads for a long time, then a series of videos will smooth the impression. The same clip causes irritation in the target audience over time, and several videos allow you to avoid this.
  • The amount of information. One video is capable of conveying one key idea. But what if there is much more information to convey? A series of clips would be just the best way. For example, you want to advertise a restaurant chain and focus on such advantages as the interior, the bar, and the kitchen at once. Instead of listing everything in one long video, you can make three clips in the same style, each of which will reveal one of the benefits.
  • Memorability. It can be argued that constantly scrolling through one video causes a better memory for the viewer. However, one clip eventually bothers the audience and colors the ad with negativity. A series of video ads make you pay attention to the message being conveyed.
  • The cost of corporate video production services. It seems that a series costs much more than one video. But making a series of clips is cheaper than making one at a time. You can shoot multiple scenes at once in the same setting with the same actors and later create a few clips based on the footage.

Step-by-step Process of Creating Business Video Series

The stages of making business video series necessarily include the following steps:

  • Analysis of audience needs. Check the main characteristics of the target audience, such as age, social group, prevailing interests, needs, etc. Based on these data, the scenario, the form of presentation, and features of interaction with the audience are planned.
  • Define goals and objectives for the B2b video series. At this stage, you should think about what audience tasks content will solve, what questions clips will answer, where they will be used, and how the company will evaluate the effectiveness of investments in marketing.
  • Determine the complexity of creating content. Think about what types of videos will respond to the needs of the audience. If the content requires a complex script, texts, licensed music, animation, and actors, you should seek tips from experts who will provide professional shooting and high-quality editing.
  • Preparing the script, filming, and editing. It is better to entrust the work to specialists who know how to create business video series. Of non-professionals, only representatives of the company should take part in the process. If specially trained people are responsible for the technical part, you will receive a series of high-quality business videos that will help you achieve your goals. Savings can be bad for the success of a marketing campaign if you decide to do some of the work on your own without having the right skills.
  • Posting and promotion of content. The most common platform for placing business videos is YouTube. Some companies choose to download all promotional and informational content to their websites. But video requires a lot of storage space, so consider if you need it. After all, for example, YouTube makes it possible to integrate videos on the company’s website and social networks. It is better to avoid little-known or unpopular video hosting services. Content promotion can be launched on your social networks or with the help of targeted advertising.
  • Evaluation of results. An analysis of video marketing effectiveness will show whether the tasks were solved and whether the series of videos for business helped to achieve the goals. First of all, you should pay attention to audience coverage (the number of views, likes, reactions, comments, and new subscribers). Estimate the growth of a loyal audience and real buyers. You should also consider the level of customer retention after the purchase. A person can buy a product once and forget about the brand, or buy from a company regularly and recommend it to friends.

Final Thoughts

Branded video production is an effective way to grow your business and expand your loyal audience. The revenue from a successful marketing campaign with a business video series far outweighs the cost of developing and implementing it. Turning to professionals to create a small business video series, you will provide yourself with a guarantee of success.


What is a business video series?

A business video series is a series of promotional or corporate clips, united by a common idea and similar in meaning. Instead of shooting one long video that your audience won’t watch till the end, it’s better to shoot a series of short interesting videos that will keep your viewers interested and not bored.

What are the key benefits of business video series?

A series of business videos allows you to present an extensive topic to your audience. Such clips are diverse and arouse interest. The cost of video series is cheaper than shooting clips individually at different time intervals.

How many videos should be in a business video series?

There is no limit to the number of clips in a business video series. Depending on the goals of your marketing campaign, experts will give a piece of professional advice and help you decide.

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