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TOP 10 Best Training Video Creating Tips

Training videos are the best way to teach your workers or clients something important. This is the most convenient type of content to help educate your customers on a particular topic. Tutorial video production is much cheaper when it comes to training for staff, and they also engage the audience well. Our list of simple rules and tips about how to create a training video will help you produce perfect content to achieve all your goals.

  1. Think of a Plan

Planning a training video starts with researching the demographics of the intended viewers. Study in detail their age, socio-economic status, and interests. This will allow you to create relevant content for your readers.

  1. Use Text and Annotations

Use text annotations to draw your viewers’ attention to key points in your clip. Point arrows at important moments and add text comments. 69% of viewers now watch videos without sound, according to a study by Verizon Media. By adding an annotation, you can be sure that viewers will receive your message.

  1. Presenter Participation in the Video

Audiences love friendly speakers with pleasant voices. Let the presenter give the necessary information step by step to your audience. You don’t need a huge budget to create such a video. It is enough to think over an interesting scenario and invite a good speaker.

  1. Quality Animation

An animation is a great option for training and instructional video production. Using the possibilities of various types of animation, you can create any video without script restrictions.

  1. Interactive Video

This type of video is one of the easiest ways to train personnel. Interactives will make your content more attractive in the eyes of the audience and allow you to get feedback to understand how the viewers perceived your training.

  1. Create Short Videos

When creating training videos, the main role is played by the audience’s involvement. Therefore, the content should be interesting and short. If your topic is too broad, it’s better to create several short clips. Otherwise, there is a risk that viewers will not watch your clip till the end.

  1. Ask Questions

Questions are the best way to interact with your audience. This is especially true if you use video to train workers. During the clip, you can pause and allow your staff to think about your question. This approach will increase audience engagement because employees will not just passively watch the video but also think and interact.

  1. Think About the Pace 

When creating training videos, the appropriate pace of presenting information plays a very important role. The viewer needs time to assimilate what is happening on the screen. Be sure to consider the age and savvy of your audience in the topic under discussion. For example, older users need more time to understand what is happening, so the pace of the clip should be slow.

  1. Have Fun while Learning

When it comes to training video tips, education plays a vital role. But your content must not be boring! Try to entertain your audience. You’ll find that this approach makes your viewers much better at absorbing and remembering information.

  1. Watch the Finished Video Many Times

Be sure to study your clip in detail before using it. Check the structure and evaluate the content for compliance with the goals. Make edits if necessary.

Benefits of Training Videos

Such content can help improve the overall learning experience by giving more in-depth explanations of certain concepts or by providing clear visuals for the viewers. The benefits of training videos are clear:

  • Video is best suited for a large group of employees and is much cheaper than business training.
  • Videos allow you to create a deep connection with your viewers and evoke an emotional response.
  • You can choose different channels for distribution, maximizing your audience coverage.
  • Watching videos helps people simulate the process of completing a task. Many procedures and training concepts can best be explained through videos.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re explaining how to get the job done to your employees or demonstrating product use cases to your clients, you should use tips for creating training videos. Such content is convenient because you can it an unlimited number of times. It is enough to create a high-quality training video following professional pieces of advice and you will get a top educational tool for a long time.


How to make the best training video?

Always try to follow corporate video trends and use tips for making training videos wisely to help your audience learn more effectively. Create short and engaging videos that grab your audience’s interest and keep it there throughout the lesson. A show-and-tell demonstration will help you easily explain the steps of a particular process. Communicate with your audience, ask questions, building an emotional connection that helps viewers retain information better.

How to plan a training video?

When planning a training video, study the characteristics of the target audience. Think carefully about the scenario and choose the appropriate video format. The clip should have an intriguing introduction, the main part, and a conclusion understandable to the audience. Engage in active interaction with your viewers. Ask to answer your questions in the comments, and insert votes, links, and pop-ups. If you make the audience active participants, the training will be much more effective.

How long should a training video be?

The training video should not be longer than 2-3 minutes. According to Wistia research, audience engagement is around 50% up to 3 minutes and then declines very quickly.

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