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How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video Step-by-step?

Recently, user-generated content, which your users create, has been in great demand. This is a good tool for promoting a product online and increasing customer loyalty. Today we will talk about one of the common UGC formats. A customer testimonial video is one of the easiest and most sincere ways to praise a product so that the audience will believe you.

Definition of Customer Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are a great way to tell the story of your business. Excessive self-promotion usually does not inspire confidence. You can talk all you want about your own product but the people who use it have a lot more to say. This is where customer testimonials come in handy, and videos become the perfect tool to share experiences.

Testimonial is not just proof from customers that your company is great and reliable. If presented correctly, it can be a source of useful information for potential customers and bring them closer to a purchase.

How to Create Customer Testimonial Video

If you don’t know how to make a customer testimonial video, experts’ pieces of advice will help you.

Prepare Questions in Advance and Send Them to Clients

Send the user a list of your questions. So the hero of the video will be able to prepare and will be less nervous in front of the camera.

Choose a Comfortable Time for Filming

A good video doesn’t need an insane amount of equipment and props. Find a well-lit and clean area in your office where there is enough space for the subject, the interviewer, and the operator.

Let the Interviewee Relax

Set up contact with the hero of your video before shooting. Offer him tea or coffee, chat on general topics, and show him around your office. Spend an extra 10-15 minutes on friendly small talk, and you will create customer testimonial videos that will work for your business.

Check if the Audio is Recording

Any operator and journalist have a sad story in the archive, about a cool interview for which the sound was not recorded by accident. Don’t let this happen to you, especially since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to re-record a video with a user. For fidelity, it is better to record sound on several microphones. And, of course, never use the microphone built into the camera.

Turn on the Camera 

If you have the opportunity, set up two cameras, one for medium shots and one for close-up shots. The latter will come in handy during editing. These frames can be used in places where the hero of the video stumbled or grimaced. Do not turn off the cameras while filming. You will be able to catch unexpected funny moments and cut with bloopers. In addition, the client will feel more at ease knowing that he has enough time to form his own thoughts.

Make a Nice Video

The only thing left to do is to mount the video. If you don’t have a professional editor on your team, don’t worry. We advise you to turn to experts who know customer video testimonials’ best practices.

How to Request a Testimonial from a Client?

Asking a client for testimonial videos is not so hard. A few simple tips will help you with this:

  • Do not hurry. Your potential customers should use your product for at least a few months so that they can be sure of its effectiveness. Having received a positive experience, they will definitely want to share their impressions. The longer customers use your services, the more loyal they become.
  • Wait until they want to give their positive feedback. Don’t bulk email your customers asking for it. Reach out to those customers who love your company and have previously left positive comments.
  • Contact customers by email. Once you’ve chosen your most loyal customers, write them an enticing email. An unexpected phone call can confuse a person and force him to say no. As much as you’d like to get an immediate response, let your customers make their decision in a comfortable environment and respond when they have time.
  • Tell all the details in an email. Thank the client for previous reviews and explain how important their experience is to you. Let him know that you want to use his review to demonstrate to other customers. In no case do not pressure your customers. Show that their positive experience is in any case more important to you than their participation in the video.
  • Don’t offer a reward. Rewarding a customer for a review is like a bribe and can make that testimonial biased. When approaching loyal customers, you must respect their previous experience.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Clients?

Loyal customers always have something to say about your company. But often they come to a dead end, not knowing how to properly talk about their positive experience. Leading questions will help them with this:

  • What problems did the customer solve with your product or service? Answering this question will help your customers describe your product in detail and attract the attention of other buyers with similar problems.
  • How does your product or service differ from similar offers from competitors? Through this, your potential customers can understand what makes your offer unique and why they should choose you.
  • What pleased the client the most when working with your company? If a client uses your services for a long time, then your company makes him happy. Ask this question and get a detailed emotional response that will convince your potential customers.


Whatever business you are engaged in, in the harsh conditions of the modern market, it is simply impossible for you to find a completely free niche and do without competition. The fact that videos on the Internet are very popular, and that people in most cases prefer to get information by watching rather than reading, has been repeatedly said and proven. High-quality and compelling video testimonials from satisfied customers will go a long way in promoting your business. Contact Rocket Motion experts to create effective user-generated content.


What should a testimonial video include?

A customer testimonial video production must include information about the client, why he was interested in your offer, and how you stand out from the competition. The client should talk about his problem and share his positive experience of solving it with the help of your product or service.

How to create a customer testimonial?

To shoot a high-quality testimonial, send an invitation to the client and offer details. If the client agrees, set up a meeting and discuss all the issues that need to be covered in the clip. When shooting a testimonial, create a comfortable environment for the client so that the video will be as real and believable as possible.

How long should a customer testimonial video be?

Answering the question of how long should a customer testimonial video be, experts would say around 1-2 minutes. When thinking about customer testimonial video length, you can consider shooting a few clips. Shorter videos you can use on social networks and longer ones download to your website. 

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