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How to Create a Case Study Video Step-by-step?

Standard video testimonials may seem boring to your potential audience. But with the help of modern corporate video production, even the most ordinary review can be turned into an interesting and unique story. To do this, you just need to change the approach to its creation. Instead of praise, which always sounds the same, your client should tell his story from beginning to end, sincerely sharing emotions and impressions. A case study video that contains the personal experience of a certain person will seem more interesting, understandable, and close to the audience.

Definition of Case Study Video

A case study video is a testimonial video that focuses on the story of a particular person who took advantage of your company’s offer. User-generated content is a great and unobtrusive promotional tool. Your customers want to consult with those who have already used your products and services for a long time. Give them that opportunity. 

What a company says about itself plays an important role. But even more important is what customers tell about you. Use the positive experience of your clients to attract new customers.

Types of Case Study Videos

Making a case study video you should choose the right type of content:

  • Client testimonial. It is a simple short interview where your customers answer questions about their experience using your products or services. To shoot the video, you only need one location. To get the finished clip you won’t have to do complex editing.
  • Client review. It is another simple but effective type of video. In such a clip your customer doesn’t have to focus on a clear narrative. He can explain your product features and tell about the benefits he got using it.
  • Case study narrative. Such a type of video includes on-camera interviews with customers and B-roll visuals. Sometimes font treatments and animation can be used. A case study narrative is difficult to create and it takes more time to edit.

Step-by-step Process of Creating Case Study Video

The process of creating a case study video takes place in several stages, which we will discuss below.

Decide on the Purpose of Your Video

Thinking about how to make a good case study video consider carefully what goals you want to achieve. In most cases, such content is used to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Define a Problem and Find a Solution

You probably know what problem your products or services can solve. Make a special emphasis on this in your clip. Focus on the problem and show how your client solved this problem by taking advantage of your offer.

Select Target Customers

Using different target customers in a video review, or creating two separate clips, can help increase your reach and bring different viewers to your business. For example, if a company is making running shoes, you could have a video testimonial from a new runner who loves the comfort of the shoes and a testimonial from an experienced sportsman who talks about how the shoes improved his performance.

Focus on the Customer Journey

Focus on the experience of a particular customer whose life has been changed for the better by the benefits of your product. When thinking about how to make effective case study videos, try to guide the conversation with questions that provide insight into the problems customers had and how the product or service helped them solve them.

Present Useful Facts

Presenting proven facts in a case study video through graphics or customer dialogue can help you convince potential clients of your product’s benefits.

Choose the Right Background and Location

Choosing the right location can make it easier for you and the company to shoot videos. If you’re hoping to have a lot of control over lighting, sound, and special effects, it’s best to shoot indoors. Selecting the right background and location can also help you display your company’s products more effectively.

Create a Unique Visual Style

Use the possibilities of modern video production for new company. Play with colors and music to complete your story. You can alternate interviews with animations to enhance the impression.

Edit the Video

Once the video is ready, watch it multiple times to make sure it’s perfect and trustworthy. If you notice even minor errors and inaccuracies, do not be too lazy to edit them.

Benefits of Using Case Study Videos

Case study videos have a long list of benefits that make them in high demand:

  • Videos create a visually engaging experience for customers to view and understand the value of a company’s products and services.
  • Potential clients who watch testimonials from other customers trust the source of the review and believe what they see on the screen.
  • Creating a case study video allows companies to place positive reviews about their offers in the spotlight, effectively controlling how the products are portrayed and perceived.
  • A quality clip provides customers with valuable information and tips that they can use when deciding to purchase a product or service.

Where to Use This Type of Video

You can use different channels of information to distribute your case study video:

  • Corporate website of the company.
  • Social media.
  • During the presentations and demonstrations of commercial offers.
  • Marketing emails.
  • Digital ad campaigns.

Final Thoughts

A good case study video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. With the right approach, such content increase trust in a company or product and the likelihood of a purchase by at least 2 times. The main thing is to turn to experts who will help you shoot high-quality videos. A compelling clip will energize your audience, evoke a strong emotional response, and have a direct impact on your company’s sales.


What is a case study video?

A case study video is a recording of a customer’s experience with a company’s product or service. A company selling a product often creates content, engaging its clients to promote its features and benefits. A genuine customer testimonial establishes a high level of trust in the product and helps potential customers present themselves as a reviewer.

How long should case study videos be?

Usually, the length of the clip is within 1-2 minutes. This is enough time to show a positive customer experience and explain the main advantages of the product without tiring the viewer.

What are the main parts of the case study video?

The case study video should include not only an interview with the client but also images of the company’s products and services. Through this, the audience more easily visualizes what the client is talking about. Allowing customers to see products with their own eyes can help them understand the main benefits of the product and encourage them to buy it.

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