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How to Write a Video Script Template?

If you think that the secret of successful promotional clips depends only on powerful computer-generated effects, well-known celebrities in the frame, or shooting with an expensive camera, then you are wrong. It is important to write a strong and thoughtful script to create effective content. The script is the basis for creating a commercial, which includes a detailed description of the idea, actions, and dialogues of the characters, as well as the setting and off-screen sounds. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of developing a video script template for different types of commercials, and explain how to write just a few lines that will bring success to your business.

Why Do You Need a Video Script Template?

If you do not prepare at least an approximate script before shooting any clip, then there is a high risk of creating something that will not meet expectations. Moreover, this will become clear only at the final stage, when it will be too late.

A video scripting template is essential for many purposes. It allows each team member to understand what and how to do:

  • What and where to shoot/what and how to draw or animate?
  • What the speaker/announcer should say?
  • What people in the frame/characters in the animation should do?
  • What is the duration of the clip and each scene?
  • The sequence of scenes.
  • What props do you need?
  • What color scheme should you use?

What Should Be in Video Script?

Sample video script must contain information about all the details of the future clip:

  • Audio and video effects with a detailed description of their interaction and clearly marked time frames. The description can be presented in the form of text highlighting the main points and or in the form of a table.
  • Clear and understandable dialogue between characters without unnecessary details.
  • A hook is important to show in the first 15 seconds of the clip so that the viewer does not lose interest.
  • A call to action at the end of the clip that makes it clear to the viewer. 

How to Use a Template

It is simple and easy to use a short video script template even for a beginner who has never written a script on his own before. For this, you need:

  • Select the appropriate free marketing video script template and download it to your computer.
  • Scenario templates include all the necessary items such as time and place, character names, and their dialogues. It will be enough to simply fill in the offer fields, trying to provide the clearest and most accurate information.
  • Based on the completed template, start shooting a clip and edit it according to the script.
  • Upload the finished version to YouTube, your website, or any other platform you want.

Examples of Script Templates for Different Types of Video

The template for the video script may vary slightly depending on the type of clip you are going to create. Let’s list the main features that must be included in the scripts:

  • When creating a successful explainer, you must clearly define the problem and present your product or service to the audience. After that, you need to convince the audience that it is thanks to you that they can solve their problem. Show how your product works and be sure to include a clear call to action at the end. Explainer video script template pdf will help you to make it easy.
  • In educational video production, you do not need to come up with an hour-long lecture. It is enough to offer 3-5 facts that may be of interest to your viewers. In the first seconds, you need to capture the audience’s attention and explain what they will learn after watching your clip. Explain why your topic is important so that viewers want to watch the video to the end. Using an educational video script template, after highlighting the main facts, draw a conclusion and a call to action.
  • Corporate videos are created to present your core values and mission to potential and current clients, partners and employees. Show your brand personality in your intro. To do this, you can submit comments from customers or employees. Try to convey your message to the audience, instill respect for the corporate culture of the company, paying special attention to aspects that your customers or employees value. Finally, make a call to action, such as offering to visit your website or social media page for more information.
  • A commercial video is a kind of visiting card of the company, which highlights its principles. If you want to present a product, such a clip can be called an overview video. In this case, attention is paid to consumer properties and characteristics, and the “product face” is shown. As in any other video, it is important to get the viewer interested in your offer in the first seconds, and at the end to make a clear call to action.
  • Kickstarter video is a special style, the script for which must include an appeal to the audience with a request to financially support the project. It is important to quickly and clearly explain your idea and show how investors can directly participate in the project. The fundraising video script template will help you to shoot a high-quality clip.

How to Write a Script for a Video

Using step-by-step instructions, you will write a good script. A commercial or animated video script template includes the following points: 

  • Introduction to the topic and getting to know the target audience.
  • A clear definition of the problem that worries the audience.
  • Presentation of your product or service.
  • A valuable offer for your target audience that is impossible to refuse.
  • Showing how it works in practice.
  • The emotional call to action at the end.


Writing the perfect script for a video can take a lot of tries before you get it right. Therefore, one of the recommendations to succeed in this difficult task is to purposefully look at the YouTube channels of your favorite brands to find inspiration for your content. Download the commercial video script template to take into account all the nuances. Also, you can always turn to professionals for animation video services. Experts know how to write video script templates and will bring to life any of your ideas. Then you will get really cool content that will make your business successful.


What is a video script template?

A script template is a document that is used as a basis for a film, music clip, or promotional video.

How to write a script for a video?

When creating a scenario, it is important to describe the time and place of action in each scene. If there are characters, then you must indicate their names and dialogs. In addition, you should describe the environment and mood of every frame.

What is a video script format?

When writing a script for commercial video production, there are no strict format limits. The main thing is that the script is understandable to all team members. You can write it as text, fill it out as a table, or use a ready-made template.

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