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TOP 13 animation mistakes to avoid

Any animated video services require the most correct organization of the production process. This is especially important in commercial products, which are not personal creations but collective projects that should pay for themselves and bring profit to the company. Generalized statistics on the main points of animation quality, allow you to highlight some of the most common animation industry mistakes which can be avoided if you know their list in advance.

Over-Animating a Scene

No matter how good the animation is, it should not be too much. Do not try to give movement to everything around in the frame. Otherwise, the scenes will turn into one huge mess, which will be very difficult for the viewer to follow.

Not Connecting Characters Movements with Face Expressions

The main goal of motion video production for marketing is to evoke emotions in the viewer. To do this, the most natural emotions should come from your heroes, corresponding to their movements and the prevailing situation. Otherwise, the video will look very strange and will not cause a proper response from the audience.

Adding Inappropriate Music or Sounds

When creating a video, make sure that the sounds correspond to what is happening in the frame. It is important that the speech of the characters matches their facial expressions, and that the soundtrack matches the situation.

No Consistency Between Cuts

Many have seen cartoons in which, when moving from one frame to another, the environment around or the character’s appearance suddenly changes. The hero can perform some action, ending it abruptly in the next frame. To avoid such animation mistakes review and edit your video until you have a clear and correct sequence.

Going off Brand

If you’re creating a clip for a well-known brand, likely some of the videos have already been created before. You should make your clip in the same style without significant differences.

Not Paying Attention to Spacing

Breaking the intervals between frames is one of the most common 3d animation mistakes novice animators make. This results in the disruption of the video stream. Therefore, you must fix each scene in the right place at the right time.

Not Tracking Your Arcs

An arc is a very important principle, denoting the movement of bodies in a circle. Without it, the characters will move awkwardly or like robots.

Incorrect Ease-ins and Ease-outs

This is another factor that affects the reality of animation. Mistakes can change the perception of the size and weight of objects, making the animation unrealistic.

Not Animating the Action with Anticipation and Aftermath

The animation must be real. So if your character is going to jump, he should crouch a little. If the jump was unsuccessful, he should fall and hit his leg, and his face should become sad. Every action must be accompanied by an expectation and aftermath.

Copying References

Of course, any animator uses his experience when creating videos but there is a very thin line between references and copying. Your work must always remain unique.

Making the Video too Compex

We have already talked about over-animation but in this case, every little detail is complicated. The more complex details in your video, the harder it will be for the potential audience to understand your idea.

Rushing the Project

Any specialist knows how important meeting deadlines is. But at the same time, if you are in a hurry, be sure to miss some very important detail and make common animation mistakes. Therefore, try to initially adequately estimate the deadlines for completing tasks.

Not Keeping Up with Trends

The classic will never go out of fashion. But to make your video memorable for the target audience, try not to lose sight of modern trends.


Creating animation is a complex job that requires professionalism, care, and experience from the animator. Of course, no one is immune from mistakes. But when contacting specialists with experience in implementing complex projects, the risk of mistakes is minimized. It is better to allocate a good budget for a high-quality video once than to save money and get a video with a bunch of errors and pay much more for correcting mistakes in animation in the future.


What is the easiest animation type?

Shape animation, which is based on clear lines and geometric shapes, is considered one of the easiest types. Animated explainer videos are great examples of shape graphics.

What are the best tips for good animation?

No matter what style you use, a good baseline, composition understanding, movement physics, and how colors work with each other are essential.

What are the 5 types of animation?

Today there are many types of animation, but the most popular are classical animation, 2D and 3D, stop motion, and clay animation. To create video content strategy, it is always important to choose the right type of animation for your project.

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