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What is the animated video production process?

Modern animated commercial video production is a serious business with billions of dollars in turnover, and the laws of business are the same everywhere. No matter what product you produce, everything is decided by careful planning and competent organization of work. Talent, creativity, self-realization, and mission are just nice bonuses. That is why when creating a clip, it is important to take into account the smallest details of the explainer video animation process at each stage.

Pre-production Process of Video Creation

Pre-production is the foundation of any animated videos and their processes. The success of the production and post-production highly depends on the quality of work in the early stages of planning. Shortcomings at the preparation stage lead to stress, missed deadlines, increased estimates, and customer dissatisfaction.

The pre-production animation video process includes several important steps:

  • Coordination and clarification of terms. In the brief, the client prescribes the main task and dedicates the product video production company to the important details of the project.
  • Sometimes one brief is not enough to make an estimate. For example, you have formulated a task but some questions remain about the future content. Then experts prepare preliminary concepts for the video or write a full-fledged script.
  • Having the script, specialists can accurately estimate their labor costs when creating a clip. After this, the client can sign a contract.
  • Getting started with the visual part. The concept of the video is created by the art director and implemented by the designers. At this stage, the task is to establish mutual understanding between the people who generate ideas and those who embody them on the screen.
  • After approving the script and visual content, it’s time to turn them into a structured sequence of illustrations, from which full-fledged scenes will follow.
  • At the last stage of pre-production, sound accompaniment is prepared and minor administrative issues are resolved.

Production Process

When it comes to clip shooting, production is the process of recording video and audio. This is the work that the director, cameramen, assistants, actors, lighting, sound engineer, and other specialists do. If we are talking about computer graphics and animation, production is the process of creating video and audio from scratch. This is the work of supervisors, motion designers, art directors, 3D modelers, illustrators, sound engineers, and others.

There are several stages of the production process:

  • Sounding of the video sequence. The speaker gets the terms of reference, where the off-screen text is written and instructions for working with it are attached. In addition to the voice acting, the sound engineer records all the sounds and dialogues on the set.
  • At the next stage, visual effects specialists learn how to make the graphics as realistic as possible. For example, if the frame needs to depict a rocket launch, experts will study photos and clips to understand how fire and smoke move, breaking out of the rocket nozzle.
  • The next step of the animation video production process is the development of 2D or 3D graphics with a detailed rendering of all scenes.
  • It’s time to “revive” the whole picture in the frame. At this stage, the client will see what the future clip looks like. If the client is satisfied with everything, the specialists create a final version and proceed to the post-production stage.

Post-production Process of Animated Video Making

Post-production is the final stage in the step-by-step guide to creating a media product: It includes

  • Draft and finish video editing. This is the arrangement of a video sequence from all materials shot or developed on a computer into a single product.
  • Color edition. The picture can always be changed by tones, palette, and color saturation. It is used to enhance an image or as a creative technique.
  • Visual effects. Experts create explosions, smoke, fire, water splashes, and other effects which will make the picture truly breathtaking.
  • Compositing. Here experts collect all the layers of the video sequence into a single whole because each layer has its own objects. The number of layers can be very large. The viewer must believe in what is happening on the screen and forget that this is the result of complex technical manipulations.
  • Sound design. As you know, the perception of a media product is 50% picture and 50% sound. We must not forget this if we want to use the full power of audio-visual tools and influence the viewer to the maximum.
  • Final rendering. At the final stage, computers compile everything created by designers, modelers, animators, and VFX specialists into a full-fledged and finished media product.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Animated Studio?

If you need to shoot a high-quality brand commercial or a 3D video presentation, you should contact reliable specialists. The quality of the clip reflects the image of your company. If the clip is shot poorly, even if you offer a good product or service, you will not get a satisfying result.

Experts delve into your business, product, audience, and customers’ needs better than any outsider. And their colossal experience in implementing complex projects and using the latest motion graphic trends will make it possible to realize tasks of any complexity. Turning to professionals, at the end you will receive an animated video that will allow you to achieve all video marketing goals.


What is the process for creating an animated video?

Animated video production is the process of creating a video clip, which in turn is divided into several stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production.

What is the video pre-production process?

It is a preparatory stage during which experts find out all the details of the future clip and determine its cost.

What is the video production process?

It is an animation video making process that includes filming, creating 2D and 3D, and sound.

What is the video post-production process?

Post-production is the final stage of creating an animated media product, as a result of which the client receives a finished video for use in the desired purposes.

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