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What is Video Storytelling and How to Use It?

Storytelling in video is a novel method enabling individual brands or the news media to share stories with their loyal followers. Posting videos on social media and expecting your fans to discover them there not the case here. Video marketing services offer successively a versatile promotion so that your onlookers could come back to check your video once more.

Video storytelling is a serialized video actualising one complete story. Think of it like episodic TV shows, except with preferably amateur clips instead of episodes. As opposed to distinct story types, such as news articles and blog posts, the structure and pace of video storytelling make it perfect for long-form content online. Video storytelling techniques enable animations and multiple transitions in contrast to text-driven content. This makes your story more irresistible for viewers and plain sailing to share with friends.

Video Storytelling

What is video storytelling?

A digital storytelling video exists preferably in a handy form where filmed or recorded media are utilized to announce a story. By using this technique, businesses can create likeable and revealing videos that can assist in their brands and product promotion. Additionally, brand storytelling video can be used to pass on the message or upskill the following users. When utilizing creative storytelling video, businesses can create the best, most persuasive and viral 3d animation for advertising that can reach more onlookers.

Basics of storytelling

There are a few basics of video storytelling that everyone should know. Within this article we guide you through the common ones:

  • It’s important to understand the difference between a story and a video. The contrast is that a story is an oral tradition, while a video is an electronic one. Storytelling is a predominant element of culture, and it’s something that can be traced back to ancient times.
  • A story is a sequence of events that ideas the individual can grasp, while a video is a series of images and sounds that are meant to be watched or at least heard. The mentioned definition is probably the topmost one. Additionally, one can utilize it either to convey a message or to accumulate a memorable experience. Storytelling videos support many diverse formats, from traditional videos to interactive ones. Furthermore, you can educate and entertain, or just attract curiosity therewith.
  • Video storytelling requires good editing, production, and graphic design skills. Storytellers need to be able to create a compelling narrative while also taking care of the technical aspects of video production. Good video storytelling can engage viewers and make them want to watch the video again and again.

Simple steps for creating a storytelling video

Not to mention, there is not any universal formula for this, but the most excellent technique in the art of video storytelling counts on the specific needs of your project. However, we are going to discuss some tips on how to make a story video that can actually be practical for newbies:

1. Plan Your Story: Before you start filming, ensure you have an accurate picture of what you want your video to accomplish. What message do you want to communicate? It is crucial to ensure that your video flows smoothly and makes sense.

2. Choose Your Camera: When choosing your camera, it’s worth considering what type of footage you want to capture. Do you want to use traditional filming techniques, like shooting on film, or do you want to use more modern recording methods, like using a DSLR camera? Each has its own highlights and challenges, so it’s vital to choose the right one for your project.

3. Edit and Edit Again: Once you’ve captured your footage, it’s time to edit it. This involves cutting out any extraneous footage, adjusting the focus and brightness of shots, and adding music and sound effects to help support your story. To be through with this step you have to know what is motion graphics in their entirety, except having some practical skills and competencies. Editing is an essential part of video production and should be done as often as necessary to ensure that your story is told effectively and in a cohesive manner.

Best techniques

Actually, there are some common pieces of advice that can aid you in better storytelling clip production.

1. Use catching and compelling visuals.

One of the most crucial elements of storytelling is the production of viral visuals. This means using visuals that are catching and visually appealing. If your video is boring or cluttered, it will likely be difficult for onlookers to stick around.

2. Be concise.

Another key tip for producing marvellous storytelling movies is to be concise. This means telling your story in a clear and concise manner. Too much information can bog down your onlookers, making it difficult to follow the narrative.

3. Use sound to enhance the experience.

One of the most effective ways to enhance storytelling is to use sound. This can add depth and dimension to your video, helping to draw viewers in. Additionally, incorporating sound effects can help to create a more immersive experience.

List of TOP storytelling video formats

There are plenty of versatile storytelling video formats to share a story. Some of the most accepted formats being utilized by almost every animated video production agency encompass as follows:

  • Podcasts;
  • Videos;
  • Blog Posts;
  • Tutorials;
  • Original Storytelling Videos;

Tips for creating successful storytelling video

We are just willing to share with you some functional methods on how to create a digital storytelling video:

1. Be personal

Your story should be personal and relatable. People will be more likely to engage with your video if they can relate to it.

2. Use visuals

Visuals can help to engage viewers and make your story more interesting. They can also help to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

3. Use music

Music can help to add atmosphere and emotion to your video. It can also help to keep viewers engaged.


Video storytelling has the potential to reach out to many onlookers with its message. This kind of content is perfect for brands who want to make a hit. The primary element of telling a story in a video is the preliminary arrangement. Proper research of the targeted audience will help you shoot a clip that is relevant to them. Apart from that, you also need to make sure that the story you want to share is somewhat compelling and emotionally likeable. If you do this well, then you will be able to produce a film that people will love.


What is a storytelling video?

A storytelling video is a sort of animated content telling somebody’s story. One can utilize it to create a video marketing campaign, or it can be used to share a message about some commercial outgrowths.

How to make a storytelling video?

The nicest technique to shoot a storytelling clip should be perhaps dependent on your individual goals and preferences. However, to be successful in producing amazing and excellent storytelling videos you should visualise an idea are passionate about, and develop innovative visuals for your loyal and prospective onlookers.

What are some good storytelling techniques?

There are a whole lot of effective storytelling techniques, but when speaking of the most common ones are story arc utilization, building tension and suspense, and symbolism should be applied too.


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