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Corporate Video Trends in 2023

There have been many changes in business clip production from the first one to the air on TV. The introduction of ubiquitous smartphones has made it easier for viewers to access videos and check them out 24/7. Today’s viewer wants content that is relevant and best at all times. They expect videos to be SEO-friendly and have captivating soundtracks and imagery.

As a result, the trends in corporate video production have changed from just showing targeted users something new to just making it more user-friendly and professional. Let’s take a look at the list of some corporate video trends 2023 we are going to expect in the closes future.

corporate video types

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is utilised to advertise trademarks or sure some product lines. It can be added value to highlight business achievements, or just show off the collective culture. Corporate videos can be made in a variety of styles, from traditional cinema to comedic sketches. They can be filmed in any location and can be used for a variety of purposes, from marketing to advertising.

The trends in corporate video are always changing, and there are many new and innovative ways to use them. Some popular trends in motion graphics tell the story of the company, connect with customers, and ultimately promote trademark values. Whatever your needs, there is a style of animated video production that will fit perfectly. So don’t wait – see upcoming trends just yet today!

Video Marketing

This upcoming trend is actually blooming, and companies start proactive targeting of their clientele. This means that video and motion graphics will increasingly be utilized for further advance of commercial outgrowth or just communicate with the buyers more privately.

Virtual Reality

Enterprises start capturing immersive videos enabling shoppers to feel their sales experience differently. Sometimes they are demanded to give an idea of excitement or to share information, which would be hard to reveal traditionally.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is something that touches interactive videos manageable to modify depending on somewhat the user is looking at. One could either use it just to promote commercial products or for some more deep-rooted immersive experience. 

Automated Videos

They are slightly coming out of the top, though they are still popular among those looking for not a costly solution to make likeable and viral clips.

360-Degree Video

There is another progressively booming corporate video trend in 2023. Viewers can observe everything from diverse angles there. Thus, they are looking right at sales presentations or probably the supreme choice to display any line of merchandise, etc.

Shopper service videos

Companies want to ensure that their buyers have an idyllic experience, and the clip is one way to do that. By providing clientele with video feedback and support, enterprises can resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Informative videos

Explainer video services still remain to be predominant for enterprises, and informative videos will play a major role in this process. By providing employees with animated tutorials, companies can ensure that everyone is up to speed with the latest developments.

Customer retention videos

Many companies are finding video as a compelling instrument for customer retention. By shooting films winsome and diverting, business establishments can keep customers happy and loyal.


Storytelling will be a major focus of corporate video in late 2022 and probably during the whole of 2023. Companies will want to create videos that are engaging and emotionally resonant, and that help customers connect with their brands. Videos that tell engrossing stories are more likely to become viral, which can lead to increased brand notoriety and enhanced vending experience.


In the midst of numerous technological advancements, branded content video production has always been at the heart of marketing communication. The better path to present the firm and explain its commercial outgrowth is through a well-crafted clip. The market is set to change and shift, but the fundamental value of corporate videos will still be high. The corporate video trends will be heavily focused on storytelling – the nicest technique to captivate the audience and make them feel like they are hearing a story. This also goes viral and booms sales.


What is a corporate video?

A corporate video promotes sales and advertises goods of any kind. One can communicate a company’s message to its customers, employees, and other stakeholders therewith. These videos create a positive image for the trademark too.

What are the latest trends in corporate video production?

There are a few corporate video production trends that continue to be in fashion These include graphics-heavy video, 360-degree video, and augmented reality (AR). Graphics-heavy videos tend to feature high-quality animation and graphics to explain the content. 360-degree videos allow viewers to see all sides of the story, giving them a more complete picture of what is happening. AR allows companies to add additional layers of information to videos, such as illustrations or 3D models, to help explain the content.

What should a corporate video include?

A corporate video should include a company mission, vision, values, and goals. It should also highlight the company’s history, products and services, and how they are unique compared to others in the market. Ultimately, the video should be designed to attract consumers and promote company loyalty.

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