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How to Create a Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy?

Latest surveys have revealed that over three billion users currently watch or download videos at least once a month. This figure is likely to rise further to three and a half million before late 2023. Since Internet users’ reach has already surpassed 90%, the urgency of integrating video marketing as an element within your brand promotion strategy is very apparent. However, there is one catch – the video would have to be of the top level.

You may record perhaps 100 videos a day. Nonetheless, if they are not relevant to your target audience, insufficiently engaging, or without significant value to the user, they are all wasted time. Here’s the reason why it’s equally vital to be aware of the challenges that keep you from succeeding in producing a social media video strategy.

If you want to produce the best compelling and captivating videos for social media, you should explore diverse video marketing strategies. Indeed, the technologies we are familiar with are subject to change and evolution.

social media video marketing strategy

What is social media video marketing?

Video marketing constitutes a strategy that focuses on the creation and use of videos being an instrument to promote products or services to your target audience. A key message is to capture your potential customers’ awareness of the brand simply and transparently.

Steps for successful social media video strategy

The combination of sound, images, music and other engaging elements in video marketing has the power to attract viewers. Based on the latest surveys, adults will spend 80 minutes per day watching digital videos by 2023.

A marketer should be aware of this if he wants to optimize his social video strategy. Fortunately, there are many ways to use social media video marketing. We’re not constrained by the limitations of traditional advertising or educational videos. With live streaming videos, an interest in authentic brand messaging, and editing apps that are easy to use, it’s never been easier to dip your toes into the video marketing world.

Below we outline the most useful steps to follow if you want to build up your own effective video marketing strategies for social media.

Set goals for your video marketing campaign

Setting goals for your videos is an important first step in any new marketing strategy. You may want to know what to accomplish with your videos before you begin working on them.

We recommend creating only a few goals at first so you don’t become overwhelmed. An example of a video marketing goal would be boosting awareness of your products and services.

A creative social media video marketing content strategy can do more than just support a prospect’s awareness of your brand. It can help customers through the decision-making process, educate them on their purchases, and fuel your brand’s advocacy plans. 

As you consider your goals for your video marketing strategy, think about where they’ll fall in the buyer’s journey. Use that information to inspire your social media video ideas. Setting your goals will help you create highly effective calls to action in your video content.

Choose your platforms of engagement

Social media platforms have their forms of video, so it’s a good idea to have your video incorporated into your strategy, no matter what platform you happen to be on. If you’ve never used video on any platform, there are plenty of places to start. For instance, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik-tok are among the most popular platforms brands are already using.

While many of these platforms will get your video marketing campaign off the ground, it would be unwise for me to not mention that TikTok and YouTube are the two most popular choices.

Select your video types wisely

It’s important to know the type of social media marketing video that best supports your brand. Not all types are created equal and that’s okay—what’s most important is that they support your key goals. So, take this advice in hand

Brands are learning that some consumers want authentic content from them on social media. This particularly covers b2b video production as well. Virtually 51% of users expect brands to focus on their products or services. And another 39% would rather see brand-specific testimonials posted by customers. When it comes to commercials production, there is still a segment of the audience whose focus on the brand directly matters more than the video itself.

Schedule your content production

A good content production plan is like a road map. If you want to get where you’re going, you need one. Regardless if you outline it in a text document or just go the old-fashioned way of writing it on a sheet of paper with a pen, you need to have a clear idea of how the video is to be produced.

You need to evaluate your options for content production and post-production. Consider using corporate video production services and an agency or production company handles all the planning and approvals, then guide them—and be done with it.

Learn all about the post-production process

It’s important to dedicate a fair amount of time plenty of time for post-production, especially when you’re posting videos to be used for ads or if it is video production for agencies. If you’re planning on making a video, you’ll need to add more than just your favourite music. Add closed captions, text overlays and call-to-action screens and suddenly you have a finished product. The more polished your production is, the longer it will take to complete!

Before engaging with videos, you want to understand what you’re getting into. Producing vibrant, flawless videos is far more time-consuming than conventional streaming. Since YouTube, just to give you an example, is a video platform, you, therefore, need to optimise the title and description of your video so that it stands out.

How to measure the success of your social video marketing strategy?

Over time, video marketing campaigns have proven exactly as effective as they come. Evaluating the video metrics across the various phases of business growth efforts can therefore contribute to profitability. The companies can accurately assess how effective their campaigns have been and what improvements are necessary. Once marketers look closely at each of the metrics, such as like-dislike, CTR, unique views, and the number of views and interactions, they can both improve their video marketing strategies and make many more campaigns effective.

Why is creating social media video advertising really important?

Brands can benefit greatly through social media video advertising, enabling rapid results and boosting brand awareness to new levels within little time. Brands can reach audiences who have never been followed before and build trust over just shorter timeframes.

Avoid the notion that a social media video is a single-entry job. You can upload a single fully produced video on multiple networks throughout the month, based on your overall schedule. With Twitter, however, you are free to advertise it many times over. With live broadcasts, though, you are going to need frequent promotion to ensure a large number of people are engaged within the right timescale.

Listed here are some of the tips that will help you determine on what is the best video marketing strategy for social media. As a matter of luck, almost every social media platform features detailed analytics and insights, updating you on how the world is responding to your video. Therefore, be sure to benefit from this information as it should help you strategise a highly successful video marketing strategy on social media in the future.


What is social media marketing strategy?

A social media marketing strategy sets out a brief outline of whatever you are planning to implement and what you expect to achieve when it comes to social media. It will focus your actions and show you when you succeed or otherwise fail. The more detailed your strategy is, the more valuable it will be.

How to create a social media video strategy?

If you want to create a productive social media video strategy you should take the steps associated with campaign goal setting, platform selection, video type choices, video production plan, video promotion, and others.

What is the best video marketing strategy?

The best video marketing strategy involves you setting your campaign goals, staying strong with your brand and conveying messages to your target audience in a video, ensuring you have the appropriate budget to produce a video, optimising your video for all platforms, and testing it over and over again.

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