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TOP 11 Motion Graphics Trends 2022

Animated video production became the dominant link in attracting customers and positively contributes to the development of business dealings. Motion graphics have many uses, from computer games to the business advertisements you see everywhere these days. More importantly, social media is overly reliant on the advertising that comes along with the use of motion graphics. Currently, quite a several trends in motion graphics have already become prevalent.

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What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is an animated piece of content, yet has text as a significant feature. Today, motion graphics can connect directly with your target audience and serves to add a deeper meaning to your story. We use it for advertisements, title sequences and explainer videos. The eleven most popular motion trends in graphics have been collected together in this list.

A tendency to thin lines

Lines are very basic when it is to animation. This animation trend brings shape to something and becomes integral to what the future design will look like. The latest trends also suggest the use of lines when you need to direct or guide things. They are also very effective in 2D animation and are aids when creating promotional announcements for social networking sites. Both simple and elegant animated products flow out of lines like these. And they look very respectable. They are well-used in short and informational animations. Alternatively, thin lines come into play when designing animated content to reflect business concepts, and so on.

Restricted Color Palette

The poetry in words is what makes a poem memorable. Colours can tell the same story; today’s trend is to use just a few primary colours instead of a rich palette with many semi-tones.

The use of animated collages shows off another popular trend

Most recent times have seen this type of animation in use among other motion graphics trends in 2022. People find this most common in the music industry. Therefore, what is an animated collage? It is a piece of graphics where many images come up on the screen at once. All these images are cropped and edited so that they look eye-catching.

Maintaining the integrity of both 2D and 3D animation

2D and 3D animation are frequently combined. In this trend, the animation is 2D in nature. Nevertheless, such graphics seem to look like 3D images. Such animations feature in large projects. Some of the best examples are Japanese anime. Whatever the advantages, a mixture of 2D and 3D animation demands high budgets. A video which is only a couple of minutes in length will set you back more than a hundred dollars.

Kinetic typography is a new way of making digital art

Kinetic typography is the most simplistic trending motion graphics. Have you ever seen typography come to life? Yes, that animation is known as kinetic typography. This animation, which is in motion and colourful, helps you to create text with multiple colours. The kinetic movement can be in any direction and may employ a variety of methods. GIFs and short animations are mainly used for political campaigns or surveys. It is also known as “shock and awe” content. 

Liquid engagement is an effective way to get people interested

In this way, it is the most common type of motion graphics you will find on virtually every platform. Similarly, it is quite common on YouTube. Have you ever seen an intro, where multiple coloured liquids mix to show action? Yes, they know that sort of animation as liquid engagement. These animations are somewhat less expensive that look outstanding when used to introduce something.


Morphing has been an emerging motion graphic illustration trend which has recently made its way to the top of the market. This kind of animation involves changing shapes as they evolve. Google uses these techniques to attract more audiences. This type of content is indeed trending.

Isometric shapes – top choice for the gaming industry

Isometric shapes create a 3D environment on the screen. There are quite abundant examples of this animation. While the best one comes from the 3D view of the city from the sky. Isometric shapes animation comes in a variety of nearly identical patterns. This animation is considered the pinnacle of 3D graphics and motion design.


Retro animation is one of the oldest forms of animation currently in use. With its picturesque style and charming characters, it has proved to be one of the motion graphic transition trends and a popular choice for filmmakers. These animations have been designed to attract the elderly population of the world. However, they are popular with young people as well. Retro animation has many benefits over other forms of animation. First of all, it is simple to understand and process.

Grain and texture effects

Grain effects are used to have more effect in tutorial video production. You are bound on seeing it in university demonstrations or research project announcements. That is to say, the grain and texture effects are productive tools available to explainer video makers. This animation is considered the brightest one as many colours are shown off on the same screen.


When you hear the term “glitches,” do you think of computer malware? Exactly, this sort of effect just came out of that. What this animation does is address the future through video. It is typically seen in large-scale and small-scale projects, along with its affordability. All these benefits lead to its widespread use.


Only some motion graphic styles currently active on the market have been outlined here. Millions of animated products have been produced internationally. They are completely one-of-a-kind. More than that, trends are ever-changing as time goes on. Animated graphics has a wide space for innovation.

What are the trends in animation?

Tendencies within the animation industry primarily include Slim Lines, Limited Color Palette, A Blend of 2D and 3D, Creative Typography, Morphing, Going Grainy, and others.

Is there a future in motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a fairly new trend and is likely to only evolve with advances in computing technologies.

What are the new trends in animation?

The most prevalent animation trends in the industry are 3D Forever, Hyper-Realistic CGI, Psychedelic and Surrealistic Animation, and Flat Style Characters.

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