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What is Motion Graphics and How Can It Help to Promote Your Business?

Every year the competition in the market increases, so business owners will have to invest heavily in advertising to attract potential customers’ attention. Today there are many different ways to advertise your product or service but one of the most effective is motion graphics. Ordinary advertisements or static images no longer attract the audience and do not get enough attention. Motion graphic video is exactly what will interest your client, make him stop, and familiarize himself with your offer from beginning to end.

What are Motion Graphics?

What is motion graphic design, you may ask? Motion design is an animation of static images. Sound and visual effects are involved here, which helps the video to be remembered and evoke emotion.

With motion graphics, you can turn a static picture into dynamic 2D and 3D graphics. Animated objects that can move and change their appearance attract more viewers’ attention than static images and text.

The process uses visual effects, audio, graphic design, and various animation techniques. It combines video, audio, and text into one animated story. Through the use of three information channels – images, text, and sound – the customer assimilates data better, and animated graphics have a stronger impact on the emotional perception of viewers.

Motion graphics animation is widely used in commercials. In marketing, such graphics are indispensable if you need to visualize a process or phenomenon and show the work of a product. For example, with the help of animated graphics, you can visually demonstrate the operation of the application, visualize the process of ordering a service, etc. Moving labels and shapes along with changing colors and backgrounds attract and easily capture attention, forcing the user to spend more time on the website.

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Styles of the Motion Graphics

There are 3 popular styles of motion graphics in digital media, each of which has its own characteristics and a certain field of use. Experts who know what is video production will help you choose the most suitable type for your business needs from the list.

Emotional Videos

This type allows you to directly act on the audience’s emotions to make them feel a certain way. Such a video is specifically created to connect your audience with your brand by encouraging them with a call to action. You can include free sharable resources, other videos, or even a petition to your video.

Explainer Videos

This is one of the most common styles. Explainer motion graphics is important for business. The video often features an industry expert explaining the core concepts of your product or service. You can use this method to communicate your brand’s tone, style, and value proposition in line with new trends.

Promotional Videos

This style is used when a new product or service appears on your website. The graphic is great to drive traffic to your website during sales or encourage people to sign up for your newsletter to get a discount.

Benefits of using motion graphics to promote business

The demand for animated video production for startup among business owners is very high for several reasons:

  • One of the motion graphic benefits is a creative approach to presenting content that arouses user interest. Animated objects attract more attention than static pictures and phrases. Motion design allows you to create unusual elements through the use of 3D effects, soundtrack overlay, and panoramic video.
  • Get information effortlessly. Video content is more popular than text. People are more willing to watch than read and analyze articles, and this is understandable. This is how new information is better absorbed because it is presented in the most accessible form, illustrated with examples, important points are highlighted visually, and there are sound accompaniments such as voice and music.
  • The compact presentation of information is one of the key benefits of motion graphics. The possibilities of video marketing for business promotion make even very complex topics understandable to an unprepared audience. Animated images, the addition of text blocks, voice acting with intonation accents on phrases that require special attention – all this explains the effectiveness of this type of computer graphics and the high professional requirements for a specialist in the field of motion design.
  • Perception speed. In a high-quality video, several ways of delivering information are used at once such as the viewer watches, listens, and reads at the same time. It takes much less time to assimilate the content compared to other types of presentation, such as studying a text or listening to an audio file. The efficiency of conveying new information, inherent in motion design, is successfully used in outdoor advertising and on street screens. In a few seconds, a person receives maximum information about an event or product.
  • Versatility. The combination of several formats, enriched with the widest possibilities of modern computer technology, allows you to use motion design products in a variety of areas. These are important advantages of motion graphics. Screensavers for series, TV shows, movies, promo videos for computer games, presentations of goods and services, and a preloader for a new web resource – all this looks informative and attractive due to its unique features.


The need to briefly, spectacularly, and informatively present a brand, product, or event regularly arises in various fields of activity. Motion design helps to realize your strategy effectively, focus the viewer’s attention on the most important moments and maximize the return on content placement. 

Users are more likely to interact with resource pages or with a mobile application if developers have added elements such as moving section titles, animated logos, and icons, and thought out an unusual change of banners and windows. A field in which it is very important to quickly capture viewers’ attention actively uses motion design as a proven tool to get people interested in what is happening on the screen. Such videos are always successful due to the dynamic change of images.

The possibilities of motion design are best suited for an animated video company. Spectacular colorful video, watched repeatedly, will work even after a few months, prompting the consumer to make the right decision. By allocating enough funds to create quality commercials using motion design elements, you can be sure that advertising will attract potential customers.


What are the 3 types of motion graphics?

There are 3 types of motion graphics such as explainer, promotional, and emotional videos.

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are visual designs that bring a static image to life.

What are the benefits of using motion graphics for business promotion?

Motion graphics are universal and compact, easy to understand, and allow you to deliver the message to the viewer as quickly as possible.

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