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What are Explainer Videos and Are They Effective for Marketing?

Explainer videos

Explainer videos seem to be all the rage right now for a variety of reasons. They are memorable, fun to watch, and relatively cheap to produce, but the main reason is that they give marketers the ability to engage their viewers better than text or even static images. According to a recent study, video marketing for business directly affects the growth of income, in some cases doubling the figures. And this is not a figure that can be ignored. Explainer videos are effective to present the brand. Therefore, every company that wants to increase its income from the sale of goods should think about how to record such content.

Definition of explainer video 

An explainer video is a 1-2 min long clip that is used to present and advertise goods or services. This form of advertising is intended for potential clients and explains why they need something and how they can use it. It is an important promotion campaign enhancer. Video content comes in different types that depend on the brand’s style and purposes. If you choose to submit video content, you need to effectively highlight your offer for the audience by answering the “why me?” question.

Why do explainer videos work? 

The goal of explainer videos is to promote an idea, improve the audience’s understanding, and add clarity to a complex product. They are designed to tell, present, educate, and explain as accessible as possible, in a simple, convenient, and exciting way. Explainer video benefits are obvious. Choosing between video content vs classic advertising, consider several reasons in the list below about the effectiveness of explainer videos.

Visual material is easier to remember than textual or verbal information

The human brain perceives visual content much easier than graphics or text. For most people, watching records is more interesting than reading instructions or images. People are more likely to click on video banners than on static images. In addition, the brain processes visuals much faster, which is why such content is so effective. This is one of the key benefits of explainer videos.

The client feels a more personal connection

When checking records, a person feels that they are being addressed specifically to him. Of course, not each content can produce such psychological effects. It is better if the video includes faces. It will influence the audience.

The video quickly gives all the useful information 

Talking about the benefits of using explainer videos, we must mention that many people like them because they are not long. The optimal length is 1-2 min. Watching a video, a person knows for sure that in a maximum of 2 minutes he will receive all the necessary info. 

Types of explainer videos

Explainer videos

Explainer videos can be made in different ways. The most often used types of them are in the list below:

  • Introductions and reviews. This is a good way to present a brief overview to clients who don’t know anything about your offer. Such content is often used for startups.
  • Processes. With a video, you can show an idea or process simply and understandably, while capturing the client’s interest.
  • Tutorials. Few people are interested in reading long instructions written in small letters in solid text. The same information can be presented in the form of a bright record with a simple demonstration or step-by-step guide.
  • Sales collateral. Professional videos are great brand support. People always watch them with pleasure, unlike flipping through brochures and folders.
  • Presentations. Record a video to create a bright and fascinating story about your goods or services.
  • Culture. Videos are necessary not only to increase sales. Corporate video production attracts the customers’ and employees’ attention to the company’s corporate culture.

Tips to create a good explainer video

To take full advantage of the promotion, get serious about recording them or seek video production services for agencies. If you decide to shoot a clip yourself, a few simple tips will be very useful to you:

  • Create a brief and interesting script.
  • Think carefully about the design of the clip and choose the right color and background. 
  • Check out what is an animated explainer video. A combination of animated heroes, vibrant text, and bright graphics will help present your product even better.
  • A pleasing voice that matches the product video will send the right message to the clients. For a 60-second clip, it’s best to use around 150-170 words.
  • Adding music, sounds, animation, and visual effects to clips positively affects the viewer’s mood and captures their attention for a longer time.


When asked the question “do explainer videos work?”, any marketer will say yes. Remember that every step in the clip production requires attention to detail from start to finish. You may not get the expected results if you skip a step.

Therefore, seeking marketing agency services will be a good strategy. Professionals will not only help you prepare high-quality content but also select the channels to post your videos for maximum profit. Explainer videos will have a huge positive impact on your profit if you spend enough time and money to create them, and publish content in communities where your clients will find it.

What is explainer video animation?

The animation briefly describes the captivating story scenes in a short, simple, and more understandable way. By combining various animated heroes and texts, or using motion graphics, the video demonstrates info about the company’s goods and services attracting the clients’ attention. These are the benefits of animated explainer videos.

What are the advantages of explainer videos?

Such advertising is easy to understand and memorize, it quickly lets you learn everything you want, and also allows the client to feel a personal connection with the brand.

How effective are explainer videos?

It is the most convenient way to introduce a company’s offer to clients, which has been repeatedly proven in the course of marketing studies.

How do explainer videos work for businesses?

The value of quality clips for enterprises compared to other advertising instruments is in their more effective presentation of information using artistic visual images, which allows you to get the maximum response from the audience.

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