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How Video Marketing Is Beneficial For Real Estate Agents

These days, video content is a crucial part of digital marketing. As we move further into the social media era, video content has become even more important for brands to stay visible and relevant.

According to Vidicode, the video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. That’s why now is the perfect time for real estate agents to start incorporating video into their marketing strategy. Everyone loves a good story, which is why video is such an effective marketing tool for realtors.

When you combine that with recent advancements in AI and speech recognition software, you have a winning combination for your marketing strategy. Read on to find out more about how you can use video as an awesome new way to market your real estate agency and increase your visibility online…

Why Video Marketing is so important for Real Estate Agents

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can make use of video content in your marketing strategy, let’s first discuss why video marketing is so important for real estate agents.

Video naturally lends itself to social media, making it an effective marketing tool for realtors who want to stay engaged and visible on social media. It is also helpful to the people who can’t find real estate agents locally so they can search for good property dealers in DHA.

With the rise of video on social media, real estate agents who aren’t incorporating video into their marketing strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach their audience and stay relevant in the digital age. Video also allows you to better connect with your audience and deliver your message with more impact. This is especially important for real estate agents, as you need to find creative ways to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Best types of video for real estate agents

Video marketing for real estate seems the ideal-case scenario. Except for property sale documentation and the home’s features demonstration, a short clip can help propel an apartment for sale to the top of the engaged person’s list. Here are a few top popular sorts of videos for people engaged in brokerage:

  1. Property Documentation Videos. If the property is on sale, then a property documentation video will be a fruitful method to capture the interest of the loyal clientele. You can show the set-up of the property therewith and how the eventual owner would use it. By including footage of walk-throughs, inspections, and other occurring events while the apartments were live, you get a chance to demonstrate your proficiency about the available chattels real and that you take care of your clientele.
  1. Home Show Videos. This is another extraordinary method to sell apartments efficiently. You get a chance to demonstrate the realty in its entirety, far and wide. By adding footage of open houses so potential buyers can get a feel for the space and see what’s available, you can generate more interest in your listing.
  1. Property Animations. They are somewhat like the leading light for house agents. You can advise buyers regarding how to use the space and make an informed decision about whether or not to invest, just by making a short animated clip. This form of animated content is faultless for properties that are large or multifamily in nature, as it lets potential buyers envision how their family could feel therein.

On the whole, video marketing for real estate industry is influential and arises as a countless set of options to promote properties. By selecting the right way of explainer video production for loyal viewers, they have the option to produce content associating with potential clientele and driving them to make an offer.

How long should a real estate video be?

This sort of video has to be between two and four mins. long, according to the latest research data. Potential buyers and renters get a chance to watch a good overview of the property, specifically not too long or short and not annoying or irrelevant respectively. Additionally, real estate video marketing ideas spotlight key advantages and include supporting images or videos. For instance, if the property boasts large windows that offer stunning views, include footage of those views too.

Produce Quality Video Content

Before you begin pumping out videos for your marketing strategy, it’s important that you first establish some guidelines and standards as to what type of videos you’ll be producing. It’s crucial that you establish a strong visual brand identity and tone of voice with your video content.

This will help you more effectively connect with your audience and give them a better idea of what your agency is like. It will also make your content more consistent and recognizable, which is key when making an impact with your audience. With that in mind, it’s essential that you select the right platform for producing your video content.

The two most popular platforms for real estate agencies are YouTube and Facebook, with Instagram quickly gaining popularity as well. While all three platforms have benefits and drawbacks, it’s important to select a platform that best suits your business needs and goals.

Utilize AI to Produce Good Quality Videos

Once you’ve established some guidelines and standards as to what type of video content you’ll be producing, next up is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help you produce high-quality videos. There are a lot of tools that will allow you to easily utilize AI to produce good-quality videos. Some of the most notable and popular tools include Flow, Mettle, and the Cynefin Framework.

These tools allow you to easily drag and drop images, videos, and audio clips to create visually stunning videos that are bound to impress. You can also use these tools to easily add text, graphs, and data to your videos in order to make them more informative and useful. This is especially important for real estate agents who have data-heavy content. These tools allow you to easily add visuals to your videos to make them more impactful and engaging.

Use Video Ads and Sponsored Content

Using video ads and sponsored content can be a great way to get your videos in front of your audience and start promoting your services. You can use video to promote your services, create video content around trending topics, and advertise your company like SEO services in Long Island. Video ads are particularly effective in the real estate industry due to the competitive nature and high cost of real estate services.

Real estate agents need to stand out amongst the crowd and be able to quickly and easily communicate their value. Using video ads is an excellent way to do just that. Sponsored content is also a great way to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, as you can create content that is similar to an article but contains video elements as well. This allows you to effectively convey your message and provide more value to your audience at the same time.

Produce High-Quality Bloggings

Blogging is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that real estate agents have been using for years. However, it’s important that you incorporate video into your blogging strategy as well. Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience and offer value by providing helpful advice, insights into the industry, and more.

You can also incorporate video into your blogging strategy by recording short-form video content and incorporating it into your blog posts. This allows you to bridge the gap between visual and written content while creating more engaging content at the same time.

You can also take things a step further by hosting video Q&A sessions or webinars to create an even more engaging experience for your audience. This is a good way to communicate with your audience on a more personal level and provide even more value to your blogging strategy.


As you can see, there are many different ways you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. By doing so, you’ll be able to better connect with your audience, provide more value, and make your brand more visible in the process.

This will be beneficial for both real estate agents and their clients, as it will allow everyone to better understand the process and get the information they need. When it comes to video marketing, it’s important to remember that quality matters above all else.

Before you begin pumping out videos, make sure you’re following all of the guidelines and standards of best video design. This will help you keep your videos consistent and ensure that they are of high quality.


How important is a video in real estate?

A video can be indispensable in house brokerage.  It can assist in visualizing or exposing it to eventual buyers. Additionally, clips can assist salespersons in exhibiting their property more appealing and can aid buyers to find out if they would adhere to purchase a property. Ultimately, the viewers have to feel more connected through it.

What are the best social networks to post real estate videos?

House agents may probably try many social networks, but  YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most acceptable ones. Different features and advantages come therewith, so it’s important to choose the most applicable to your requests. For instance, YouTube is an outstanding platform for producing short clips that can be reposted via social media. It also has a broad public, so your videos can reach a large number of people. Facebook is a more traditional social website and it is amazing to share longer videos. It also has a large pool of users, so the videos you produce can reach a wide range of followers. Instagram is a nice and suitable platform for sharing photos and videos and is especially good to promote immovables. Its user base is relatively minor, so you’ll have to invest your time in video marketing to communicate to a wider audience. Each network has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

What are the best types of real estate videos?

There is no conclusive answer thereon as it depends on the particular demands of your real estate video project. However, some popular clips include property tours, homebuyer guides, property animation and sometimes even market analyses Indeed, there are many more versatile real estate videos that can become successful. Some people prefer videos that demonstrate how to buy or sell a property, while others might prefer videos about specific neighbourhoods or cities. There are also short clips about flipping houses and making money from real estate, so there is something for everyone.

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