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Why motion video production is very effective in marketing

A marketer from a motion video production Agency talks about creating video content and why video marketing is more effective than classic marketing. The article is especially relevant for beginners in the topic.

The world of marketing technologies is changing faster than the old models are dying. Many people know that video content is actively replacing classic types of advertising. But what makes a video an effective sales tool, and how exactly does such advertising work?

There are 5 reasons for This:

1. People love stories. That is why the best-selling books are detective stories, and the best-selling film productions are multi-season series. It is more interesting to follow a fascinating story than to look at a static picture.

2. Save time. Often, watching an informative video for two minutes is much more convenient and faster than reading verbose texts, looking for answers to questions of interest. For example, understanding an exotic recipe in video format will take less time than learning the same recipe in text form.

3. The ability to show a product or service to the consumer. People are more willing to buy what they see with their own eyes. It is much easier to sell a new service on the market, clearly demonstrating its essence. Creating video content fully reveals the benefits of the product.

4. The company’s Image is instantly formed in the consumer’s mind when they see an “expensive” and modern video series. This way, you can secure your status as a successful and high-quality brand by influencing deferred demand, audience reach, and other metrics.

Video content is more effective

What is the benefit of creating video content?

In addition to the fact that video increases the user’s time on the site, fixing the brand in the minds of the audience, video content development solves a lot of other tasks:

– The Video tells about the product in the first person, increasing the level of customer confidence. People perceive information better if they hear and/or see the narrator.

– Attracts an audience. According to research, more than 70% of Internet users watch online videos, and 92% of them share them with friends.

– The average person makes a decision about buying in the first minute. A minute-long video affects sales more effectively than a text description of a product.

– Video content Production is reflected in the site’s behavioral metrics, so the site is ranked higher in the Google search results. We have tested this on our own experience-articles and pages with videos tend to occupy higher positions than the same pages without them.

– The video helps people remember information. Unconsciously guided by primitive instincts, a person reacts to movement more actively and faster than to static, while using more brain resources.

In numbers: how effective is video content creation

The curve of video performance indicators is steadily increasing every year:

According to statistics from the video production Agency Rocket Motion, on average, a video returns money for itself within 6 months.

The profitability of the video starts at 400%.

An InstaGAME customer Review

According to research, a video placed inside a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80% on average.

Marketers at Forrester claim that if an email newsletter contains a video, the clickability of emails increases by up to 300%.

The market is changing, tools are improving, and the one who picks up new trends faster than others, developing along with technology, becomes successful. Keep up with the times — and your business is sure to be a success!

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What is a motion video?

A motion video is a type of visual content that shows moving images. These videos are often used to illustrate or promote a product or idea.

How is motion graphics used in marketing?

Motion graphics can be used in marketing to create a cohesive and engaging experience for the viewer. They can be used to highlight key information or to connect with the product or service.

What are the 3 types of motion graphics?

There are three main types of motion graphics: motion graphics animation, motion graphics illustrations, and motion graphics design.

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