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5 Types of Marketing Companies

A marketing agency is a group of specialists who use various channels to increase their client’s brand awareness and audience loyalty to ultimately bring more profit to their clients. If you’re having trouble attracting customers, it might be time to contact a marketing company to get your audience to look at your brand from a different angle. These third-party specialists can provide valuable knowledge and video marketing services to your team that can be very helpful if you are launching new products or services, trying to better understand your customers, or simply looking for new ideas or ways to market your business. There are several types of marketing companies with different features and functions, which we will discuss below.

Research Marketing Agency

A research marketing firm is an agency that specializes in conducting analytical work. In such agencies, you can order an audit of your company, conduct a staff assessment, research competitors, target audience, and market areas, and also evaluate your product through a focus group.

A good research agency offers clients services such as capacity and market share calculation, product and advertising testing, target audience research, brand awareness, customer loyalty and satisfaction assessment, competitive analysis, and many others. By contacting a research or analytical agency, you will be able to understand how successfully your brand is developing and what areas of your activity require modernization.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital agency is a studio that specializes in promoting brands in the digital environment. Such companies create websites. They are engaged in web design, further filling content, forming digital strategies, SEO optimization, SMM promotion, application development, increasing the reach of the target audience, and creating viral content that becomes known on the internet through shares and reposts. These are the internet marketing experts. You can turn to them when you need to promote the website, attract users from social networks, or simply place ads on the network.

Although digital agencies provide complex IT services for creating and promoting websites and increasing sales, many studios work only in one or two directions. Because, this makes it possible to keep a small staff and follow the news only in your industry, and not the entire IT world as a whole.

Creative Agency

A creative agency is a company that develops creative and original ideas. This marketing company type specializes in the development of names, logos, corporate identity, brand as a whole, or rebranding. The agency’s experts will also help develop unique promotional materials and printed and video products.

In which case should you contact them? If you need to develop a corporate identity or logo, carry out branding and rebranding, or create some unusual promotional materials. For example, you can come to them for the development of video advertising. Specialists will draw up and substantiate the creative concept, write the script, and form a detailed TOR for the film crew.

PR Agency

These agencies are engaged in public relations to improve the company’s image and reputation in the eyes of the consumer. Employees of the PR agency will develop reputation management strategies, establish contacts with the media, organize and conduct PR events, and level negative reviews. The firm provides suitable communication strategies for clients, company employees, business partners, shareholders, etc.

The main task of a PR agency is to present what their client wants to promote in the form of positive stories that deserve to be placed on television, radio, and the Internet. The work of a PR agency in the media field includes writing press releases and presentations, planning events, preparing speeches, and networking.

Full-service Marketing Agency

A full-service agency is a company that provides a full range of services in the field of marketing and advertising communications from market research, strategy development, events, and production of promotional materials to the presentation of media platforms.

When contacting such an agency, you will not need to search for other specialists. Experts provide all possible marketing services and go with clients all the way from developing a marketing strategy and its implementation to evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Tips to Choose the Best Marketing Company

This question is faced by every company’s owner who decides to hire experts to promote the brand. How to select a reliable agency among many companies that will really do their job with high quality? When choosing the right marketing agency, pay attention to a few important points:

  • First of all, you need to decide what type of agency you need. If you want to order a full range of promotions, including analytics, strategy development, and its implementation, or just promotion through several channels, then you should contact a full-service agency. If you need to order only one or two related services, then it is better to find an agency that specializes only in providing certain services.
  • Carefully check the agency’s website. If the website takes longer than three seconds to load, then the agency is most likely not well versed in promoting on the Internet and working with IT technologies. The website design with an intuitive interface should be pleasant and visually appealing.
  • Check case studies and profile experience. There must be successful cases proving the experience of the agency. However, you should be wary of small agencies that have hundreds or even thousands of cases on the website. At least some of them are likely fictional.
  • Make sure the agency has enough experience in your field. If the firm has already worked with companies in your niche, then specialists know its specifics and consumer behavior, so they can develop a competent promotion strategy based on past experience.
  • One of the hallmarks of a good agency is having a blog or publications about marketing and advertising. This means that the agency’s specialists are not afraid to demonstrate their methods and approaches to work. They willingly share their experience and are able to clearly explain what exactly will be done to promote the client’s business and why these particular advertising channels were chosen. To confirm the expertise company can also show some certificates and information about participation in industry events, such as exhibitions and conferences.
  • The offer must be realistic. It is impossible for the first month of work to double sales or increase website traffic by 200%. If you are told such numbers, then most likely the agency is trying to deceive you.
  • During negotiations, pay attention to how employees communicate with you. They must answer your questions correctly. If a specialist cannot explain why you need some kind of service or justify its cost, then he is not competent enough in his field. Specify which team will work on your project. Ask how many people and what specialists provide services. Ideally, each area of promotion should be handled by a separate employee specializing in a particular question.
  • Check the price. Of course, you always want to get high-quality services at low prices. But do not forget that the work of experts cannot be too cheap. If the company offers very low prices, they may be newcomers who do not have enough experience to carry out your project.


Every business sometimes needs support from a marketing agency. The most important thing is to choose an agency that will do its job well and help you achieve your goals. First of all, determine what type of marketing agency you need, and then, following our checklist, choose the company that best suits your needs. If you need a professional video production company to grow your business, contact Rocket Motion for expert advice.


What does a marketing company do?

Marketing companies are engaged in complex product advertising and brand promotion. An agency can be given an infinite number of tasks. Some examples of these tasks are web design, social media marketing, video production, television advertising, business consulting, branding, public relations, advertising campaign development, mailing lists, newsletters, etc.

What are the types of marketing companies?

There are several types of marketing companies, including digital, research, and creative agencies, as well as PR agencies, and full-service agencies.

How to choose the right marketing company?

When choosing a marketing company, you should pay attention to many factors, including the agency’s website, the number of successfully completed projects, the team, the cost of services, etc.

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