What Are The Best Free 3D Animation Software In 2021?

3D Animation Software has been used extensively in the past few years in a variety of different applications. Because of the wide variety of tools and features they offer, anyone can use them to bring their vision accurately to reality or show a model or drawing in a precise manner. Best Free 3D Animation Software is therefore helpful for animation artists to showcase their creativity, For engineers to show intricate models and systems and how they function with accuracy. For architects and real estate companies to show structures, 3d floor plans, houses, and their exact dimensions to clients or construction partners. 

What Are The Best Free 3D Animation Software In 2021? - ROCKET MOTION

A wide plethora of 3D animation software is available, each with particular features that help it stand out from others and achieve different animations. Most 3D animation software is complicated to start out on and can be pretty pricey as well. If you’re looking to try out 3D animation software, perhaps to hone your skills in architecture, then free 3D animation software, or free trials, are an excellent way to go. But with so many options available, it can be confusing to know which one to try out. We have taken a look at some of the free 3D animation software available in 2021 and compiled a list of the best ones that we think will work for you. They are the following: 

1. Blender

Blender is a 3D animation-making software that some consider being the best out there. This is due to its powerful rendering capability and active global community, which can be helpful to learn this software. It is perfect for the early stages of model development compared to other software, so architects tend to prefer it over others. This is because it is swift in adding common architectural elements like floors, windows, doors, roofs, etc. Blender provides a fantastic feature known as parametric 3D modeling that makes your work quick by allowing you to change the shape of any 3D object quickly. This will enable you to be more flexible in your work. Blender also has add-on options that can make your job even faster. It is available on Windows, Linux, OSX, and Steam. 

2. Wings 3D

Wings 3D is also a free animation software that allows effortless rendering of 3D modeling and animation, and it is also open source. One great feature of Wings 3D is the ability to customize your interface any way you want it. It has an open forum where users can communicate, and there are plenty of discussions on it regarding architectural 3D animation modeling. This can allow you to learn the software through tips and advice from other experienced users. They have used the various features that Wings 3D provides in creative ways that are worth looking at. Wings 3D is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

3. K3-D

K3-D is another excellent free option for 3D animation making. The main features it provides are polygonal modeling and various flexible plug-ins like visualization pipeline architecture, making it a powerful modeling tool. It has unlimited undo options meaning you can get your preferred animation just right with ease. We’re sure that with its basic tools for animation, curves, and patches that work intuitively, you can get to making your animations and models in no time. K3-D is also available on many platforms: GNU/Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, and Windows. 

4. Source Filmmaker (SFM)

SFM is a 3D animation software that may not have much use in real-life applications like architecture but can be a fun way to make an entry into 3D animation. SFM allows you to create animations in any video game engine source, enabling you to be creative with your favorite video games. If you’re looking for somewhere to start and then gradually scaling up to more complex software for real-life applications, then this may be an easy, albeit unconventional, way of getting into 3D animation. SFM is available on Windows only. 

To Sum Up

Many creative individuals out there need the right tools to shine and show their talent. One such way is through 3D animation software, but most of it is expensive, deter amateurs looking to start somewhere. There are many free 3D animation software out there, and by choosing the right ones, you can begin to hone your skills and start animating. 


What is the best 3D animation software for free?

The best 3D animation software are Blender, Wings 3D, K3-D, Source Filmmaker. These are all free software, which can be used to create 3D videos and stunning visual effects.

What is the easiest software to animate in 3D?

Source Filmmaker is the simplest software to animate in 3D. It’s not hard to begin with and then expand to more sophisticated software for real-life applications.

What’s the best 3D animation software for beginners?

Source Filmmaker is designed to help new users create animations in any game engine source file, enabling them to be creative with their favorite video games. This tool allows the beginners to start with simple software and then master their skills through more advanced tools.

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