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What is video production

Video production is the process of creating a creative product, project, video clip. The concept of video production is comprehensive and includes: a presentation video – a video that highlights new products or services coming to market, the company’s unique capabilities, the production process

Although each of us has seen at least dozens, if not hundreds, of feature-length films in our lives, as well as thousands of short clips, few of us really understand what the whole process of preparing the video material consists of and how many stages it consists of. Today, video production is an integral part of modern advertising, film production, and so on.

What video production is based on

The company is engaged in professional video production. Experts create promotional materials for companies with an established reputation, for advertising agencies and media houses, as well as for business start-ups. What is the secret to good video production:

  • A good commercial must evoke emotions and, subsequently, a desire to buy. To evoke such a desire is the goal of advertising video production. Specialists create cinematic reality in such a way as to intrigue and entertain, and, as a result, induce the viewer to have the reaction our client desires.
  • Documentaries and television programs are created, with footage that will not leave any viewer indifferent.
  • The agency creates films that are appealing and materially depict specific places. It could be, for example, a real estate property or a company whose story you want to share only through images. Place documentation is material that emphasizes the visual side while using attractive editing maneuvers.

Corporate videos are a great way to demonstrate the inner workings of your company, thereby showing it as an attractive workplace for potential customers and future employees alike. Training videos describe how a product works or how it should be used. The goal is to simply but intelligently explain how a particular mechanism works.

What is video production types

The market for commercial video content production is growing. The number of specialized organizations and individuals involved in the process is so great that it already lends itself to classification. The following types of video producers can be distinguished.

1. Freelancers and outsourcers

The preferred option for those who need to save money. The cost of the project with a small team of freelancers is several times less than in the studio. The major disadvantage is a lack of experience in serious projects and possible organizational problems (freelancers do not like paperwork). The choice is determined by the task at hand. If you can implement a project with limited funds and minimal outside expertise, then why not.

2. Marketing agencies

Serious agencies cannot fail to have marketers and sales specialists. The customer, turning to an advertising agency, will receive a creative concept of a video, a comprehensive promotion strategy, and a planned advertising campaign. Before turning to such an organization, you will have to take into account, firstly, those large advertising agencies prefer to work with serious budgets, and secondly, they are more likely to act as intermediaries, since they do not have their own specialists in video production.

3. Production company

Intermediaries between the customer and the specialists. They are responsible for the conduct and implementation of the project as a whole. Specific technical tasks are performed by contracted performers within the budget approved by the client. Studios strive to work with big projects in order to be able to attract proven writers, directors, artists and cameramen, and to guarantee quality. Production studios focus exclusively on the production they don’t think about how to solve marketing problems.

4. Specialized video studios

Narrowly focused studios concentrate on specific areas of video production: animation, 3D modeling, infographics. As a rule, they have experienced professionals at their disposal, and if the goals and objectives set by the client correspond to the studio’s specialization, there is a good chance of getting the desired result. If the client needs to create a product using several stages of video production, he or she will need to involve several studios and spend time coordinating the process. The artists working in such studios most likely have no experience in using marketing tools and it would be difficult to predict how the product created will respond to the audience. Even a very expensive video made in a well-known video studio may not justify the financial investment and fail to achieve the planned result.

5. Full-service production studios

Studios have all the specialists who should be involved in creating high-quality video content: competent marketers, copywriters, producers, directors, etc. The customer can be confident that the task will be implemented in exact accordance with the terms of reference. Naturally, he should be ready to see in the price list appropriate sums for the absence of headaches. You can see the result of professional comprehensive work on video clips here

What is video production stages 

There is a well-established division of the video production process into three stages:

  • pre-production
  • production;
  • post-production.

First stage

At this stage, marketers and generators of advertising concepts should understand what kind of product or service the client specializes in, what its market share is, identify the target audience. The main thing is to give an idea and set a clear goal. And the problem that can be solved with promotional video can be unique: either to provoke emotions and create a positive brand image or to provide information about the product and inspire action. To make a “cocktail” in 30 seconds is not possible. Still have to consider that the video for placement on TV channels is different from the audience at the cinema and video for social networks on the Internet.

A clear understanding of the purpose, audience, and context of the video allows the producer and his colleagues to form a concept, timing, and budget for future productions. Taking into account all the nuances creates a script for the video. It often happens that the customer already has a ready-made script. Therefore, this stage is considered zero in the video production process.


This is the stage of preparation. The more material – references, soundtracks, and so on is gathered at the pre-production stage, the better the result. The film crew in full discusses the script, clarifies the nuances, and makes adjustments to the plan for further action. As a result, the director’s script appears, with lots of details and explanations of the plot, prescribed characters, and the location.

If you plan to do a video using animation technology, a few additional steps: developing and drawing characters, creating backgrounds, a static storyboard of the main scenes, and an animatic – pre-assembled video clip from the storyboard.

The next step is storyboarding. Pre-visualization of the plot of the clip is made in a series of static graphics sketches. Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, the storyboard helps to see what can go wrong with the shooting.

Already at the preliminary stage should be written copywriter text and selected music for the video. All this should later be synchronized with the image during editing.

The choice of location is the definition of the site for future filming. Can be selected by the director, taking into account his vision of the concept of the video, if the customer has not indicated or not provided a specific site. Pre-selection locations recorded all the parameters of each option site – the size, daylighting, availability of electricity, and it’s capacity to connect the lighting and a lot of other important details.

Conducted casting, if the storyline provides for the presence of characters. After the shooting test, the director selects suitable actors and then works with them. Completely prepared props – decorations for the interior, costumes, equipment, and so on. No little things in the props do not happen.

At the preproduction stage, an approximate estimate is calculated. Although many producers are more cunning and negotiate with the client “framework” budget. The exact amount appears after clarification of the mass of details – what optics need the operator, which estimates “draws” the artist-producer, how many studio shifts are required for editing, and possible rendering.

Do not miss the preliminary stage meeting of the producer with the customer, at which the details of the shooting process are stipulated, approved location shooting, scenery, props. Misunderstandings are better avoided before the start of filming.


The stage of the filming process, the creation of computer graphics or animation. The entire team is involved in this process.

The final result is influenced by the skills and professional experience of each team member – director, cameraman, lighting technicians, assistants, sound technicians, post-production art director, makeup artists, stylists, costume designers. Producers should know what each specialist does on the site and assess their skills in advance. Otherwise, teamwork may not work. The process of shooting almost never goes smoothly, necessarily something happens. A competent producer should always have in stock a few solutions to possible problems.


It consists of the processing of the footage. It includes several key points:

  • Preview footage;
  • Review and make edits(if need)
  • Selecting the best scenes;
  • Pre-editing the video with the participation of the director and producer;
  • Demonstration of the draft to the customer:
  • Image stabilization, overlaying of computer graphics and special effects, and mixing of soundtracks; this is the longest and most time-consuming stage of video production

Video content is becoming more and more prevalent in advertising technology. The video production agency “Rocket Motion” offers all the advantages of the video format for product promotion, increasing brand awareness, or increasing traffic to the website.


What is video production?

Video production is the process of creating and editing a video for distribution to the public. Video distribution is used to showcase new products and services, to demonstrate the brand’s specialties and usually the production process.

What is video production process?

The production process of video is a sequence of activities that produce a finished product. This can include everything from filming and shooting the footage to post-production work such as editing, sound design, and graphics.

What are the types of video production?

There are many different types of video producers, but the most common are those who shoot and edit videos. To speak about it more specifically, one can mention the following ones: freelancers and outsources, marketing agencies, specialized video studios, full service production studios.

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