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Video infographics

Video infographics – a format in which text and numbers are presented in the form of dynamic graphic elements – charts, diagrams, flow charts, lists, etc.

Video graphics are accompanied by sound and contain convincing visual images, so they are more effective than static infographics.

How does the video help?


  • Video infographics are a visual communication method that increases loyalty target audience.
  • It tells about a product in a more interesting and accessible way and more vividly than static material.
  • You can easily and quickly show boring figures and help to see them in a new way.
  • Video graphics raise a company’s rating on the market and its position among competitors.
  • Infographics emphasize the main points and advantages of a product.
  • Saves time and effort during presentations and business events.

For what purposes do people order promotional videos?

  • Promote a product or service in a short and engaging way, with factual evidence;
  • Present a large amount of data, a report, a press release in an understandable form;
  • Get a powerful presentation tool and increase sales;
  • Achieve the location of potential partners and customers.

Infographic video examples


What is video infographic?

Video infographics uses text and graphics in a way that creates dynamic visuals, such as charts, diagrams, flow charts, lists, etc.

How are infographics videos made?

An infographic video is typically made by compiling data into a visual format and then using a video editor to create a presentation-style video.

What is the purpose of an infographic?

An infographic is a graphic representation of data that can be easily understood by viewers. They can be used to present complex data in an easy to understand format, and can be used to make an argument or promote a certain message. Infographics can help to engage and educate viewers, and can be used in a variety of different contexts.

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